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July 27, 2011

Due to personal reasons and a growing photography business, Lolidots is not longer blogging, running giveaways or doing product reviews. There are tons of other great blogs and giveaway blogs out there though! Check the sidebar for some of my faves!

Thanks to my fans for 2 years of awesome support and a lot of fun!

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~ Robin


Our First Vacay - Part Two

March 25, 2011
When we got to San Antonio, we snagged a hotel within walking distance of the Riverwalk and headed on down to scope things out.

After walking

and walking

and walking

and, you guessed it, walking some more....

We grabbed a bite to eat, found an awesome little shop where I eventually ended up buying dresses for Snappy and myself and hit up Ripley's and the wax museum.

Snappy was not happy about those last two stops.

She was totally freaked out. Except for when 0007 took her through this tunnel thin...
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Easing their fears

March 23, 2011
I don't normally do this. But, being as this is sometimes a "Mommy Blog" (ugh. I hate that label.), I really wanted to share something with y'all.

The following is from my Giveaway page. It's a product that I really think every child should own and every parent will love. Check it out and if you'd like to enter to win one, head over to the giveaway.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As parents, easing our children's fears and anxieties is something we all want to do. Whether your child has only experienced missing y...
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Our First Vacay - Part One

March 21, 2011
So, Snappy will be four this summer and we have seriously not taken a vacay since she's been around. It was time. This year, since TRex is in school, Spring Break was actually a big deal so we decided to take a couple of days and get away. We live a little over an hour from San Antonio. For you non-Texans, that's where the Alamo is. They've got an amazing downtown area called The Riverwalk, tons of fun stuff to do and an utterly awesome zoo (that the kids had never been to). We set out on Fri...
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Stand Up For Education

February 24, 2011
Whether you have children or not, whether they are in the Texas school system or not, you should care about their education, or lack thereof. We should all care. We should be outraged that our country's children aren't given more, our country's teachers aren't treated better, our country's education system isn't being nurtured the way it should be. Funding and teacher pay is a joke. Our kids are absolutely getting "left behind", forgotten about and pushed aside for other things. This doesn't ...
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My long lost love....5QF

February 18, 2011
It's been a while since I joined the lovely little Mama M. for her 5 Question Friday! Hello 5QF, I've missed you.

The questions....
1. Have you worn the same outfit more than one day in a row?
2. If you had to choose any LARGE city to live in, which would it be?
3. Fly or drive with the kids on vacation?
4. What is your idea of "spring cleaning"?
5. What is the best book you have ever read?

1. Have you worn the same outfit more than one day in a row?

Oh most certainly. Isn't that a rite of passage f...
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Love is all you need...

February 14, 2011
Happy Valentine's Day!

The school project got finished. Two days before it needed to be!

We may be a family of procrastinators but, when it comes to holidays and gift giving, we have a hard time waiting for the actual day. So, VDay has come early around here. 0007 got his gifts Friday and he showered us with gifts today.

Yes, he totally took my breath away this year. I was so not expecting what he got me. For years I have happily worn my beautiful wedding ring. I've loved it and still do. He ...
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Mistakes have been made...and a school project has yet to be

February 10, 2011
I made a big mistake recently.

I let Snappy learn how to play computer games. She loves it. And she's good at it. And the little turd will probably need her own computer soon or I'll never get any work done again.

Not that I've minded so much the last few days. I mean, if she's on my computer it does give me ample time to continue watching Bones, my newest tv show find and obsession. But, truly, the kid is awful at sharing!

My second mistake was letting her realize that my new phone has games ...

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Snow, Set-Ups and Snapshots

February 3, 2011
My blogging seems to have fallen low on my to-do list lately. I'm certainly busy but, it's not very exciting stuff. Not boring...just...mundane. It's cleaning and working and rearing unruly children and fretting over the weather. None of which make for exciting blog entries. I hate that I've pawned off so many photo posts as real blog posts but, I'm hoping y'all are enjoying the pics.

We're supposed to have snow here tonight and tomorrow. In South Texas. It hasn't snowed here since TRex's fir...
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Random Ramblings 1-12-11

January 12, 2011
There's no school next Monday. I've been reminding myself every day. I'll probably put sticky notes throughout the house this weekend.

Are my dogs like my kids or are my kids like my dogs because they all seem to enjoy tearing stuff up. My yard looks like a disaster zone. Gave the dogs an old comforter since it's been cold recently. Shit heads tore it open and pulled out most of the stuffing. Smart move, dogs! I'm sure the random pieces of stuffing throughout the yard will keep you quite warm...
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