So, Snappy will be four this summer and we have seriously not taken a vacay since she's been around. It was time. This year, since TRex is in school, Spring Break was actually a big deal so we decided to take a couple of days and get away. We live a little over an hour from San Antonio. For you non-Texans, that's where the Alamo is. They've got an amazing downtown area called The Riverwalk, tons of fun stuff to do and an utterly awesome zoo (that the kids had never been to). We set out on Friday and dragged our butts back in on Saturday. It was only two days but, they were fun-filled and involved so much walking that getting out of bed on Sunday morning sucked.

I have so many pics from the trip. Hey, gives me some blogging material for the week. ;-)

Really though, the downtown area of San Antonio is just so cool. The buildings are awesome and old and the Riverwalk is so pretty. I'm like a kid in a candy store taking pics in areas like that.

Being as this will probably be several posts, let's start with some of my fave pics from our first day.

Much more to come! We went to Ripley's Believe it or Not, the wax museum and the zoo! So many pics to go through!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and those of you heading back to school and work from Spring Break....I feel your pain!