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Dirty Music and Clean Garages

Posted by Robin Haws on Sunday, November 29, 2009,
We had a wonderful holiday week and weekend. Thanksgiving was filled with family and food and both were rather enjoyable. We're lucky that our families live within an hour of each other and stagger the meals. My family does lunch and hubby's family does dinner so it works out wonderfully for us! Of course I forgot my camera. You know what? I didn't even mind that much. Sometimes it sure is nice to just enjoy the day. And we did just that. My mom took this quick pic of Snappy and me and I looo...
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Psychological Prison - Held Captive by Anxiety

Posted by Robin Haws on Wednesday, November 25, 2009,
I lived in fear for over 15 years of my life. It wasn't abuse or even a tangible object that held me captive. I struggled with anxiety and panic disorder for over a decade and it ruled my life.

I remember my first panic attack. I was 7. At that age it's not likely you know what's going on and it's impossible to explain it. I remember trying desperately to tell my confused father what I was experiencing. I would feel that frustration for a very long time.

By the time I was in my late teens I ha...
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So Thankful...

Posted by Robin Haws on Monday, November 23, 2009,
I'm thankful for so many things in my life. With Thanksgiving this week and with my unbelievable love of lists, I figured I'd share a few.

I'm thankful for my husband. He is my rock. He is my soul mate. He has taught me to be thankful for everything, even in the bad times because the bad times will always turn good again. I love this man.

I'm thankful for my children. Snappy's sweet face and snuggles.

TRex's loving smile and hilarious antics.

I'm thankful for how my children make me want to be a ...
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Crabtree, Vegas and another Giveaway

Posted by Robin Haws on Saturday, November 21, 2009, In : Giveaway Teaser 
About a week ago we had an amazing giveaway from Crabtree Handbags on the Giveaway Page of Lolidots. It was super successful and I know how many of you are in love with their handbags and purses. I adore Crabtree, their styles and their unbelievably affordable prices.

In December, Crabtree Handbags will be furthering their debut in America with an awesome event in Las Vegas. They will unveil their rockin' fall line to an exclusive group of media and PR peeps. The Vegas event will be a huge ni...
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Of course there's a reason!

Posted by Robin Haws on Thursday, November 19, 2009,
A recent thread on Blog Frog got me thinking about destiny, serendipity and pain in the butt moments in time. I've thought about this a lot in my life. Is there desitny? Is there fate? Do things happen for a reason or is it all just random coincidence? After years of life and pondering, I truly think that everything happens for a reason.


The toilet overflowing.

The tree on the windshield.

Stubbing your toe.

Missing a bus.

Lost love.

Found love.



From the smallest annoyance to ...
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Wordless Wednesday

Posted by Robin Haws on Tuesday, November 17, 2009, In : Wordless Wednesday 
Haven't done a WW in a while!

Daddy and Snappy

For more Wordless Wednesday check out 5 Minutes for Mom.

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Great Weekend!

Posted by Robin Haws on Monday, November 16, 2009,
We had such a good time this weekend!

Saturday night hubby and I got to go out on date night. It's been so long that we'd seriously forgotten what it was like to go somewhere without the kids! We went to see a fantastic play that my dad was starring in and had such a good time. The play was wonderful and it was so nice to do grown up things and see my brother and sister in law. The kids had a blast in our absence. Hubby's cousin's wife (and my good friend) came over and stayed with them while ...
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Joe Camel, I will miss you

Posted by Robin Haws on Wednesday, November 11, 2009, In : Quitting Smoking 
So, I think today might be the last day of smoking for hubby and me. I'm not doing any fruity backflips over this. I've been smoking for almost 15 years. I know. That is really terrible. The only times I have stopped were when I was healing after appendicitis and during my two pregnancies. I honestly don't think it's the nicotine that I crave so much as the habit and going through the motions of smoking at certain times. It's a very normal thing in my life. I'm not thrilled to give it up. Yes...
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Posted by Robin Haws on Sunday, November 8, 2009,
Don't you wish you could sleep anywhere?

I mean, anywhere!

Just lay down right where you are currently standing and be asleep in three seconds...

Say to yourself "I know I'm in the middle of eating but, gosh I'm tired" and fall asleep midthought...

"This volleyball game is boring. I think I'll lay across someone's lap and go to sleep."

Yeah, that'd be nice. Why is it though that when it is bedtime and they are put into their beds that are actually made and designed for sleeping, suddenly they aren...
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Spiderman and Batman vs. Killer Art Clay from Outer Space

Posted by Robin Haws on Friday, November 6, 2009,
TRex cracks me up. He's been playing with clay lately. He makes things out of it. He covers his "guys" with it. He is inventive and hilarious.

We watched the Monsters vs. Aliens halloween special on tv a few nights before Halloween. If you saw it then you know it was full of funny "alien" pumpkins. TRex made some of his own.

Apparently, there was a bad guy in our living room who did this to Batman and Spiderman. No worries. They foiled his plan eventually.

What inventive things do your kids do...
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Vote For TRex!

Posted by Robin Haws on Wednesday, November 4, 2009,
I have never entered my kids into a contest for their cuteness or anything like that. I think they are great and I'm always super jealous of the people who win but, I've never actually entered one. I'd hate for my unluckiness to rub off on my kids!

BUT, the costume that TRex wore this year for Halloween and this subsequent pic was just way too good to pass up the opportunity to enter him in the first contest that came along. I actually said to hubby "Man, he could have totally won a costume c...
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Our Happy Halloween!

Posted by Robin Haws on Monday, November 2, 2009,
We had such a good time on Halloween! My brother-in-law had a party at his house where adults and kids alike all had a wonderful time. His wife is such a good hostess and always blows us away with all her homemade goodies. Seriously, I can't believe I forgot to take pics of the desert table. It was quite a spread. Cookies, mini cakes, candied apples, personal pumpkin pie bites. That last one was my undoing. I could have made myself sick off those. I will be getting the recipe and posting befo...
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