I made a big mistake recently.

I let Snappy learn how to play computer games. She loves it. And she's good at it. And the little turd will probably need her own computer soon or I'll never get any work done again.

Not that I've minded so much the last few days. I mean, if she's on my computer it does give me ample time to continue watching Bones, my newest tv show find and obsession. But, truly, the kid is awful at sharing!

My second mistake was letting her realize that my new phone has games on it. Apparently, the phone and computer are hers and I am on borrowed time when using them. I had no idea.

Speaking of mistakes..... So, last year, I totally blew it as a woman (is that unfortunate wording?) and forgot what day my wedding anniversary was and how many years it had been. Well, I've done it again. Had it not been for the note home from school today about the party they are having in TRex's class, I would have continued to sit here and think that Valentine's Day is on Tuesday. (It's on Monday, by the way.) Really, how do I ever expect to hold anything over 0007's head if I can't remember important "girly" dates? We do already have V-Day plans though. I've got a photography session scheduled for Saturday afternoon on the beach and we're getting a sitter, going to the shoot together and going to have a fun evening out afterward. Um, probably dinner and a bit of shopping. Because we're cah-razy like that.

Back to the whole Valentine's Day reminder from school thing. Can't my son's school recognize that I need several weeks to procrastinate making a project? He needs a Valentine's box of some sort for their party on Monday. I have no time to put this off! Midnight on Sunday will be here before we know it. I really should have prepared myself for this way back in September. I always loved those Valentine's boxes we had for the school party but, I seriously remember making them IN school. It'll be way easier when Snappy is in school. It's hard for me to do these projects without a girly twist on them.

It's cold here again. Really cold. Bitterly cold. I'm sure my Yankee friends would scoff at my assessment but, for a south Texan, this is unbearable. I'm so ready for the cold to be gone. Spring will be wonderful but, at this point, I'm sayin' bring on the triple digit heat! I'm much more equipped to deal with that.

And, when it's warmer, my screaming kids can spend much more time in the backyard.