I was sick last week.

Sunday, I was still feeling pretty terrible.

I woke up and 0007 was still home, leading me to think that maybe he didn't have to go to work. As much as I knew he needed to work, being sick all week had worn me down and made me somewhat selfish and I wanted him home.

But, he did indeed have to go to work.

So, I got upset. He got upset back. We were both upset.

A few hours later I realized what day it was. "How terrible to fight with him on our anniversary and not even tell him Happy Anniversary.", I thought to myself.

So, I called him to tell him that I was sorry for being a sick baby brat and to start over and say Happy Anniversary.

Except, he said that it wasn't our anniversary.


Of course it is.

Because, we've only been "married" for a year so, I would of course have the day correct. Plus, I'm a woman. We don't mess up on these things. It's in our dna, right? That's the man's job, right?



He tells me to just go look at the marriage certificate.



He's right.

It's not the 2nd. It's the 7th.

So he was right. So what! Who cares? Big whoop!

Even a person as perfect as myself makes a mistake once in her life. It can happen.

And seventh sounds an awful lot like second.

So, really, whoever came up with those words is the one at fault here.

And, I'm glad it wasn't the 2nd. Because I felt like crap and wasn't very nice.

I get a Do Over! Ha!

But, I apologize to women everywhere. I let the club down. And, 0007 will be able to hold this over my head for a very long time. But, he won't. Because he's an amazing wonderful sweet passionate caring loving man. <who reads my blog> And, I'm thoroughly looking forward to our real anniversary as much as I thought I was looking forward to what turned out to be our un-niversary. You know, like Alice in Wonderland, Merry Un-Birthday, that's what it was.

I mean, uh, I was testin' him! Yeah, yeah! That's what it was! He passed!

Oh, whatever. I'm a dunce.

But, he loves me!

And, on Friday, May 7th, we'll celebrate our real anniversary! I love you, babe!