I don't normally do this. But, being as this is sometimes a "Mommy Blog" (ugh. I hate that label.), I really wanted to share something with y'all.

The following is from my Giveaway page. It's a product that I really think every child should own and every parent will love. Check it out and if you'd like to enter to win one, head over to the giveaway.

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As parents, easing our children's fears and anxieties is something we all want to do. Whether your child has only experienced missing you for a brief time or suffers from severe separation anxiety, it's painful knowing that they are upset. I remember being away at camp as a child or simply staying the night at a friend's house and having those homesick pangs. My own children are like night and day. My son is apt to experience quite a bit of separation anxiety, especially from his "best buddy" Dad, while my daughter is much more independent, though she has her moments.

To ease both of their occasional, and not so occasional, fears and anxieties, I am thrilled to have found Pocket Parents.

I've seen tons of "loveys" and other kinds of security objects. Many are cute and many work but, I had never ever seen something like Pocket Parents.

Completely customizable, completely eco-friendly, completely affordable and they completely work!

The sweet and crafty mastermind behind these fantastic security dolls has made it super simple to order one in the likeness of Mom, Dad, Grandma or anyone else that a child feels safe with. It's so fun as well. Have your child draw a picture of the family (optional). Then, simply choose a few defining features and clothing options based on your child's perception. The dolls are made from 100% eco-friendly felt and only measure about 6 inches tall, making them perfect for concealing in bags and backpacks and easily taken everywhere the child goes.

As soon as I found Pocket Parents, I knew that I wanted to see if this product would help my son and his bedtime anxieties. I ordered a Daddy for him and a Mommy doll for my daughter. I loved being able to do a "fauxhawk" and facial hair for the Daddy doll and as soon as my son saw it he knew exactly who it was. My daughter just gushed and gushed when she got her Mommy doll. Neither of them play with the dolls rough like with their other toys; they just immediately became sweet cuddle and security items.

I love that Pocket Parents are perfect for soaking up the scents of a home or a parent. Before giving the doll to a child, try laying it on your chest while you read or watch tv. The felt easily takes on your scent and the scents in your home, making the doll all the more comforting for a child.

Pocket Parents are now definitely on my list of must-haves for children and I think they make fantastic "first day of school/daycare" gifts or would be wonderful as "get well gifts", for kids going to camp, kids in the hospital, before heading to a slumber party or for no reason at all. I think parents will get a kick out of seeing themselves as dolls and I know that kids will love them. They are just such a unique idea and the end result is remarkable.

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So, there you go. I really do love these dolls and definitely recommend them!

More vacay pics to come soon!