When we got to San Antonio, we snagged a hotel within walking distance of the Riverwalk and headed on down to scope things out.

After walking

and walking

and walking

and, you guessed it, walking some more....

We grabbed a bite to eat, found an awesome little shop where I eventually ended up buying dresses for Snappy and myself and hit up Ripley's and the wax museum.

Snappy was not happy about those last two stops.

She was totally freaked out. Except for when 0007 took her through this tunnel thing that has lights and moving walls and makes you all discombobulated. She loved that! Then, when she saw the fairytale section of the wax museum she loosened up a bit.

TRex fed off her nervousness for a bit but, he got into it more and had some fun. One of his favorite things? The vampire slayer kit at Ripley's. Of course he also liked the huge TRex head at the wax museum.

In the end, fun was had by all. And, we have the pics to prove it!

Part three to come soon. The San Antonio Zoo!

Hope you all have a great weekend!