Whether you have children or not, whether they are in the Texas school system or not, you should care about their education, or lack thereof. We should all care. We should be outraged that our country's children aren't given more, our country's teachers aren't treated better, our country's education system isn't being nurtured the way it should be. Funding and teacher pay is a joke. Our kids are absolutely getting "left behind", forgotten about and pushed aside for other things. This doesn't just affect teachers, kids and parents. This affects the future of our country and world. Everyone should care. Everyone. We should be willing to get angry and stand up and speak up about how irresponsible it is to not have the right focus when it comes to educating our children.

This morning, on a national news program, I watched as the gave way too much attention to the outcome of a celebrity's bad behavior and chatted about the latest styles in clothing and many other mundane things. Where is the national coverage on the important topic of what our government is doing to our education system? Our country's priorities, our media's priorities, our government's priorities are in need of a major overhaul.

A good friend of mine has drafted an awesome letter that I'm going to post here. If you feel so moved, please copy and paste and use the links to find the emails for your local reps email addresses. Pass it on. We all have to stand up for our children.

The current plan for impending rape of the Texas Public School budget is unacceptable.  I cringe when I imagine my young children sharing a classroom with 35 of their peers without funding for desks or materials.  I worry that being already behind academically will turn into absolutely uneducated or unprepared for college or the workforce.  No programs, fewer teachers, no money.  How could that be acceptable to ANY Legislator regardless of the budgeting problems?

When every Senator and Representative returns his $7200 yearly salary and Rick Perry gives back his $115K, then and ONLY then should they even consider removing money from the school funds.  When Texas voters approved the Texas Lottery, they were assured it would fund the schools.  When constituents pay their property taxes to the school district they are assured it funds the schools.  Tell me again why we pay State Sales Tax and petroleum taxes?  Surely educating my children, THEIR future, is a priority of those who represent me at the Capitol!


You can search for those who represent you via zipcode HERE.
Rick Perry may be contacted HERE.