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5QF - The Birthday Vlog Edition

Posted by Robin . on Friday, July 30, 2010, In : 5 Question Friday 
Happy Friday! Head over to Mama M's blog, My Little Life, for more 5 Question Friday!

Yes, I vlogged it. Haven't done it in a while. Seriously, does the video have to find the most unflattering point to freeze at? Hurry and press play! I don't actually look like such a weirdo.

There's a birthday in our crazy house today....

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WW - It's a sign

Posted by Robin . on Wednesday, July 28, 2010, In : Wordless Wednesday 

I'm jumping in with 5 Minutes For Mom today and their Wordless Wednesday.

And, I'm doing it my own way. Maybe not "wordless" per se. Maybe not a cute pic of one of my adorable kids. Well, we'll just let it speak for itself.

Oh, what the hell, how about one more?

Be sure to check out 5 Minutes For Mom and all the other blogs with their Wordless Wednesday posts!

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PINT- Insert Snazzy Subject Line Here

Posted by Robin . on Tuesday, July 27, 2010, In : Post It Note Tuesday 

Check out Supah Mommy for more Post It Note Tuesday!

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5QF - This girl needs a surprise party!

Posted by Robin . on Friday, July 23, 2010, In : 5 Question Friday 
So glad the weekend is here. It looks to be a fun one with birthday parties to attend and 0007's first big photo shoot. The coming weeks are going to be cah-razy.

Both of my kids have birthdays (my babies will be 6 and 3!) and I've got a big party to plan for that and my baby TRex is turning into a school-attending big kid! Lots of changes in the near future and this momma is feeling a bit anxious about it. Maybe that's why I embraced the laziness this past week. Clinging to the non-scheduled...

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PINT- The Break Up

Posted by Robin . on Tuesday, July 20, 2010, In : Post It Note Tuesday 

For more Post It Note Tuesday, check out Supah Mommy!

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5QF - Dust, lame scars and mixed food

Posted by Robin . on Friday, July 16, 2010, In : 5 Question Friday 
How's that title randomness? You like that, dontcha?

Pretty damn happy it's Friday. This week really felt like it was taking for-ev-ah.

So, what did I do and not do this week? Well, lemme tell ya.

I did a lot of wishin' and hopin' and hopin' and wishin' for my good friend over at Single, Infertile Female. Lots of positive energy goin' out her way as she rounds third base to slide into motherhood.

I did not get any tanning done. Boo. If anyone feels bad for me they can come mow my grass and spra...
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60 Second Cocktails

Posted by Robin . on Thursday, July 15, 2010,
I don't really drink these days but, the screaming children and summertime thunderstorms just may drive me to it. I know some of you rascals out there are party people though. But, even if you are a non-alcoholic beverage such as myself, keep reading because there are some great recipes in here too.

So, because I like to pass along some great info to enable the drinking of others.

And because I like anything that salutes our awesome military personnel.

Here you have it. A really cool promo fro...
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PINT- My new hero and Blog Party pics!

Posted by Robin . on Tuesday, July 13, 2010, In : Post It Note Tuesday 
There's a couple of things you should probably know.

1) Last weekend I got to meet some ultra cool bloggy friends.
2) I'm a top-level procrastinator.
3) Every Tuesday, Supah Mommy hosts Post It Note Tuesday on her blog and I loves it.

From the left: Nikki, me, Shannon, Keely

Just chattin'...

The coolest kids of the coolest bloggers....

SUCH a good time! I cannot wait to do this again and hang out with these chicks some more!

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Recap and Rerun

Posted by Robin . on Sunday, July 11, 2010,
So, yesterday was the Texas Blog Party!

Yes, it was a blast!

Yes, the gals I met (Nikki, Shannon and Keely) were amazing and beautiful and their kids are adorable and it was just so cool to meet them!

No, I'm not a good party planner. I realized that yesterday. Party planning is not my calling.

Yes, I really want to get together with them again!

Yes, we will have another Blog Party!

No, I don't have pics yet. Well, except for this one of Snappy and me that Keely tweeted yesterday!

Yes, we did le...
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5QF - I heart the 80s

Posted by Robin . on Friday, July 9, 2010, In : 5 Question Friday 
Wow. So, I didn't really realize that it was Friday until just a few minutes ago. This week went by supah fast!

First, I'd like to pat myself on the back because after totally losing my shit during the storms last week, I remained cool-calm-collected (or crazy-sexy-cool for you TLC fans) during the thunderstorms we had yesterday and last night. Yay me! Yes, I am congratulating myself on being "normal" and not freaking out when it's raining.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not sure I can expres...
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Wordless Wednesday - Grandpa

Posted by Robin . on Wednesday, July 7, 2010, In : Wordless Wednesday 
Wow. I haven't done a Wordless Wednesday post in a reallllly long time. I'm not sure I really can do something "wordless".

That's my dad, my kids and my nephew on Father's Day this year. They were all hanging in the hammock and I just love the series of pics I got. Seeing mine and 0007's parents glow in grandparent roles makes me so happy. My grandparents mean so much to me and I love seeing my kids gain those relationships with their grandparents.

Wordless enough? I'm not sure I can qualify ...
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Stick 'Em Up....Post It Note Tuesday

Posted by Robin . on Tuesday, July 6, 2010, In : Post It Note Tuesday 
For more Post It Note Tuesday, check out Supah Mommy's Blog.

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5QF - Procrastination, baseball and fireworks

Posted by Robin . on Friday, July 2, 2010, In : 5 Question Friday 
I'm being such a procrastinating, lazy arse today. Seriously, I am forcing myself to do this post and cannot pressure myself enough to vlog it. My procrastination has compromised into the form of a written blog post.

Good news is that I didn't blow to Oz. The weather is still crummy and I'm still ever so slightly on edge but, the worst seems to have passed and I'm hoping that was the last hurricane in history. Don't burst my bubble. A girl can dream. I do have to say thank you to all my blogg...
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