Happy Valentine's Day!

The school project got finished. Two days before it needed to be!

We may be a family of procrastinators but, when it comes to holidays and gift giving, we have a hard time waiting for the actual day. So, VDay has come early around here. 0007 got his gifts Friday and he showered us with gifts today.

Yes, he totally took my breath away this year. I was so not expecting what he got me. For years I have happily worn my beautiful wedding ring. I've loved it and still do. He gave it to me many years ago as an engagement/promise type ring and I easily looked on it as my wedding ring when we signed that piece of paper that gave us the stamp of approval from the government on something we had already formed in our hearts. But, of course, I'm a woman and I like pretty, sparkly things. So, I've always kind of hoped that some day he would upgrade my ring. I really, absolutely, positively was not expecting it to be this year or this holiday. That sneaky guy. I really had no idea. And, not only did he upgrade me to a beautiful wedding ring, he got the whole set. So, I've now got some gorgeous sparkles on my left hand (that need to be sized down). And, they are perfect. Exactly the ones I would have picked out. He knows me so very, very well. Oh how I adore that man. (And not just because of the bling.)

Plus, as an extra surprise, a boxed set of one of our fave shows, Deadwood! Hellz yeah.

Ok, the gushing is now over.

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day. Spread some love today and every day because, you know, all you need is love.