My blogging seems to have fallen low on my to-do list lately. I'm certainly busy but, it's not very exciting stuff. Not boring...just...mundane. It's cleaning and working and rearing unruly children and fretting over the weather. None of which make for exciting blog entries. I hate that I've pawned off so many photo posts as real blog posts but, I'm hoping y'all are enjoying the pics.

We're supposed to have snow here tonight and tomorrow. In South Texas. It hasn't snowed here since TRex's first Christmas and we got a lot that year. The kids have both been asking for snow since before Christmas and they are just beside themselves that we're actually getting some. I'm sure they'll go play in it for all of six seconds before getting too cold. I'm excited at the photo possibilities though!

Texas is so ill-equipped to deal with this weather. We've been having rolling blackouts and people are going nutso at the home improvement stores and grocery stores. Really, you'd think that we were about to get snowed in. Though, for people who break out the winter coats once the temps drop below 76, this insanity should be expected.

Just to put the Texas weather into perspective for's snowing tonight but, Monday our high was 80. That's right. We started the week in shorts and flip flops and are ending it with snow. Seriously, four days ago I had our a/c on. Now it's below 30 outside.

I got a Facebook message from an old friend of mine letting me know that she and her husband are celebrating their Eleventh Anniversary (of when they first got together). I had kind of forgotten that I was the one that set them up and it was pretty cool to think that my little haphazard set up has lasted so long. Seriously though, those two were absolutely made for each other. I have a feeling that if I hadn't introduced them, the fates would have stepped in and forced them together.

Aside from this week's weather, it's been pretty nice here. A couple of weeks ago, after that Senior Photo Session I did, I was able to get some fun family photos of that senior's whole fam. Here's a couple faves.

Hope everyone is having a great (and warm) week! Stay safe out there (considering most of the country is under snow)! And, because I didn't blog yesterday...Happy Groundhog Day! It's one of my favorite holidays...all thanks to Bill Murray and Punxsatawny Phil.