Not my first choice for how to start a week....

January 3, 2011
Monday. Blah. They used to not bother me. When I was a stay at home mom of two kids and had no real schedule, Mondays only meant that 0007 had to return to work. Now that one of those kids is in school, it means that I have to do one of the things I hate the most.


courtesy of google images

So, after 2 weeks off of school, two weeks of sleeping in, two weeks of bickering between the kids all day long, the first Monday of 2011 arrived and I was reluctant to get up but, glad to get back to my normal weekly routines.

We stayed up too late Sunday night. I knew we'd all be super tired and crabby getting up early for the first time since school got out for the winter break. But, after not too much fighting and crying, we were ready and headed out the door. TRex was actually going to be a tiny bit early for his first day back!

We pulled up to the school and the first thing I noticed was the lack of kids on the playground. Usually it's full right before school. Then I realized that there weren't that many cars in the parking lot. There were cars but, not a bunch dropping off kids like usual. I checked my clock a zillion times, convicing myself that it was the right time and we weren't super late or anything.

Parked and went to get TRex out of the car. That is when a teacher passing by politely mentioned, "There's no school today."

What the whaaa?!

Are you kidding me?!

Nope. No school. Teacher In-Service Day.

Well, now it all makes sense.

But, seriously? How could I not have known this?

So embarrasing. Though, it could have been worse. At least I had gotten fully dressed, fixed my hair and put on makeup. After all, I got up at 6!! It could have been something more like this...

courtesy of google images

So, we went and grabbed breakfast, came home and we all grabbed an awesome morning nap.

This afternoon I realized that there are TWO calendars on the fridge. A school year calendar with important days marked and a lunch calendar. Had I looked at EITHER of them, I would have seen that school doesn't start back until tomorrow.

Forehead meet palm.

Oh well. We'll call it a dry run for tomorrow?



Last post?

December 30, 2010
Of 2010, that is!

Yes, my posting has been so sporadic lately that I am going to go ahead and assume that this will be the last one of 2010.

But, what makes a good last post of the year?

Resolutions? Wishes for the new year? Holiday Re-cap? Year in review?

Well, I need to work out more, do more blogging, be happy with each day's productiveness, etc.

And I wish for a cool phone and new computer and new camera....and some other things that aren't so self-centered.

We did have a great Christmas. I ...
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To you and yours

December 23, 2010
Sorry for the sporadic posting lately. With Christmas t-minus 2 days and counting, relatives in from out of state (yay!), TRex out of school, etc; I've been decking the halls, hugging my loved ones, rockin' around the Christmas tree and all the rest of it.

Hopefully, once the holiday is over and things start to return to some kind of semblance of normalcy, I'll be back to only my normal procrastinating on blog posts.

Until then...

from our family to you and yours...

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Dealing With Negativity

December 17, 2010
We've all had to deal with negative forces in our lives. I suppose that, how we deal with these things shows our true character. For a long time, I allowed the negativity to get me down. Misery definitely loves company but, negativity craves it. Joining the forces of negativity and allowing it to take over is sometimes hard to fight. It's an important fight though.

Some people will never be happy for others. Some people will never have a positive word to say and will always revel in the downf...
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That's what I get

December 15, 2010
Things have been crazy busy around here for the last couple of months.

Our photography business has kind of blown up and we've been busy with that. The holidays hit and all the insanity around decorating and cooking and card mailing and gift wrapping and all has engulfed our house. TRex seems to have homework (in Kindergarten!) every day. Snappy is a constant source of humor and a whirlwind of activity. 0007 just started a new job. It's insanity. It's all good but, still insane!

And I'm left t...
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A year's worth of Facebook

December 12, 2010
So, Facebook has a new app that puts together your status updates from the whole year.

It was fun to look back and see what I had deemed "status worthy" throughout the year. Proud of the low number of complaints, high number of movie quotes, several more insightful items and a whole lot of "from the mouths of my children" funniness (uh, sure, it's a word).

This is pretty small and you can't really see it so, I wanted to share some of my faves here.

So, now those of you who aren't Facebook fri...
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Let's get real...

December 9, 2010
I've been blogging for a while now. Gosh, has it been two years? Longer? Wow.

Anyway, in that time, I've reviewed a LOT of products. Some from tiny business and some from big companies. I have always been 100% honest in my reviews and have always stayed positive about the product. There have been very few things that I've been disappointed with from the beginning and those companies were told up front that the review, were it to run, would be less than favorable. Every positive review I've ev...
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Party time! Excellent!

December 6, 2010
Bill and Ted may have been the most annoying duo in history (or maybe that was Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin in BioDome) but, you know you just read that title in their voices.

So, I'm having a little party.

An online party.

A jewelry party.

I'm having an online jewelry party!

Please take your feet off the coffee table and use a coaster.

The appetizers are on the bar.

What kind of jewelry is it?

Chunky Bling!



They have adorable cluster necklaces and the coolest freakin' bead watches. I love ...
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May your days be merry and bright!

December 4, 2010
Are you beginning to see a theme here with these titles?

Heck yeah, I'm in the Christmas spirit! Even though I'm insanely busy (yeah, that ol' gripe again) and feel like my head's going to spin off and the kids are going to give me a stroke and I'll never sleep again...aside from that stuff...I'm totally in the Christmas spirit!

I really love Christmas.

I love the magic of it.

I love Santa and the reindeer and little one's wishing for zillions of toys.

I love decorations and the smells and the...

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

December 2, 2010

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