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Ultimate Sacrifices

Posted by Robin . on Sunday, May 30, 2010,
No matter what one's political affiliation may be or what your personal stance is on the wars our country finds itself in, my wish is that all Americans, regardless of race, gender, religion can remember every single day that our freedom is not free. It comes with a price that not all of us must pay.

There are certain people that rise up and say, "I will pay this price for you. I will put my life on the line for you and for what is right." They do it so that we don't have to. They do it, not ...

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5QF Vloggin' With a TRex

Posted by Robin . on Friday, May 28, 2010, In : Vlogs 
I had a guest with me for this week's 5 Question Friday Vlog!

If you wanna play along with Mama M's wicked fun meme, check out her bliggity blog!

I used a different video server this week. We'll see how it does.

Have a good one!

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Random, you say?

Posted by Robin . on Wednesday, May 26, 2010,

Ahhhhh, randomness. Embrace it. You know you love it.

Lolidots Law #11 - A child at rest will stay at rest until you get in the shower.

Or get on the phone.

Or apply the hair dye.

Why is it that when a neighbor is mowing their grass it is almost mandatory that you say "You can mow mine next!" and then the two of you laugh like it's the first time anyone's ever made that joke?

Why do you always feel like you forgot something until the day you did leave the iron on? Were you forgetting to leave it ...
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Post It Note Tuesday - Where's Monday?

Posted by Robin . on Tuesday, May 25, 2010, In : Post It Note Tuesday 
Man, the weekend went by so fast that it took Monday with it! There was much accomplished around here this weekend though and, once again, it was oh so very nice to have 0007 around all weekend! I could get used to this no overtime stuff.

So, Monday was sucked into the oblivion of the weekend but, it's Tuesday and I'm rarin' to go!

If you want to play along with Post It Note Tuesday, check out Supah Mommy's blog and link up, yo!

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Vloggerific Five Question Friday

Posted by Robin . on Friday, May 21, 2010, In : Vlogs 
Waddup peeps?!

Ready for Friday? Ready for the weekend?

I sure am! Now that 0007 is on overtime lockdown and I know he'll be home all weekend, I am jazzed for it to be Friday!

Let's get the party started with some 5QF for Mama M! Check out her blog for the skinny on how it works!

Oh, and don't forget, if you wanna join us for the Texas Blog Party, you are welcome and you can click HERE to check it out! It'll be off the hizz, fo sho! Ok, it'll be really cool and fun. You should come!

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I'm Stuffed!

Posted by Robin . on Thursday, May 20, 2010, In : Recipes 
I think that one of the best compliments when it comes to cooking is for people to be so full at the end of the meal that they just want to change into sweats and take a nap. If 0007 is so busy stuffing his face that he can't comment on the meal, I know I did good.

I've been asked to share some of my recipes. I can do that.

But, we'll need to start with a few disclaimers.

*I very rarely have good measurements for my recipes. "Shit load", "dash", "just a tad", "crap ton", are some of my measure...
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I'm Versatile!

Posted by Robin . on Wednesday, May 19, 2010,
And, I've got the award to prove it, suckahs!

My friend Millie over at Keep Calm and Carry On gave me a cool award!

Rules? Yep, there are rules. Share 7 things and give it to 7 peeps.

Alrighty. Here we go.

1. When I was in fourth grade I was getting teased by a mean little snot who was calling me short all the time. I wasn't quite the quick wit back then that I am today. I turned to my daddy. In his infinite wisdom, he told me to tell the little d-bag that "I'd rather be short and smart than ta...
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Post It Note Tuesday, Yo

Posted by Robin . on Monday, May 17, 2010, In : Post It Note Tuesday 
I am so on the ball this week! Not only am I actually doing Post It Note Tuesday but, it's still friggin' Monday as I'm typing this! Whaaaaa? I didn't wait til the last minute? Whaaaa?

Wanna play? Head over to Supah Mommy and link up, yo!

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Getting to Know You Vloggy Style

Posted by Robin . on Sunday, May 16, 2010, In : Vlogs 

Head over to Keely's blog and play along with her Sunday Meme!

Head over to my Giveaway Page and enter the giveaways before the end!

The Alamo.

If you wanna meet me, Keely and some other ah-may-zing bloggy gals, head over to the Texas Blog Party page!

Now, get to know me, will ya?!

Someday I will a) get a new webcam or b) figure out how to make this one record and look better. I know how crappy these vlogs look. Thank you for your patience. Your call is important to us.

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Guess Who's Vlogging Again!

Posted by Robin . on Friday, May 14, 2010, In : Vlogs 
Happy Friday to y'all!

I just realized, as I'm watching tv while posting this, that I feel smarter when I watch Jeopardy than I do when I watch Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.

There's your random fact about me for the day.

And here's your vlog from me for the day!

Make sure you head over to Mama M's bliggity blog and check out 5 Question Friday every week!

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First Time For "Everything"

Posted by Robin . on Wednesday, May 12, 2010,
There are moments in life that you always remember.

Moments in parenthood that you'll always hold dear to your heart.

Those moments that burn themselves into your brain and you know that even without a photograph, you'll always be able to see those images.

Sometimes it's milestones. The first smile, the first word, the first step.

Other times it's rights of passages. The first date, the first job, the first car.

These moments can't be rushed. They happen naturally and sometimes unexpectedly.

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Letter to Myself

Posted by Robin Haws on Monday, May 10, 2010,
My friend Janae has started a beautiful project, called In My Daughter's Eyes. As part of the project she has been asking women to write a letter to the 12 year old version of themselves. As soon as I saw it, I loved the idea. Oh, what I would tell that little girl! I've procrastinated and thought on this for a while and finally am joining in. I urge all my readers to join Janae and her beautiful project.

Dear Robin,

The next ten years of your life are going to go by fast and the ten after that...
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Finished! .....Almost

Posted by Robin Haws on Saturday, May 8, 2010,
We've got tons of stuff we want to do to our house. Lots of remodeling and whatnot. Tons of plans, tons of talk, tons of "we should do".

So, a few weeks ago, my awesome 0007 decided to do something we'd been talking about for a while.

He pulled up the carpet in Snappy's room.

Then, I said, "Hey, why don't I just bust up all this tile!"

"And, why don't I wear really cool glasses while I do it!"

No big whoop. Not like it's gonna turn into a huge project or anything!

It's been a few weeks. Yes, I w...
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Something I Need to Get Out

Posted by Robin Haws on Wednesday, May 5, 2010,
I know I don't get serious here very often. I've got some stuff I need to write about and if you'll bear with me, we'll get back to regularly scheduled light-heartedness soon!

Mother's Day is hard for me.

My biological mother is a homeless drug addict and I haven't talked to the "normal" her since Mother's Day 2007. It's so weird to just lay it out there like that. It makes it more surreal.

When I was a kid, I thought my mother was amazing. She was always the height of fashion, very hip, gave gr...
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Whoopsie Wednesday - 7 Years of Bad Luck?

Posted by Robin Haws on Wednesday, May 5, 2010,
My sweet friend, Mama M, is having a little shindig this week called Mother's Day Mania. For the rest of the week, over at My Little Life, it's all about Motherhood and celebrating the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly (you know, greasy hair, three day old mascara, undereye luggage and the rest of it!)


Today's theme is "Whoopsie Wednesday" where the "whoopsie" moments of Motherhood.

Ah, nothing like admitting that huge mistake to bring moms together! Really though,...
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I may have been mistaken....

Posted by Robin Haws on Monday, May 3, 2010,
I was sick last week.

Sunday, I was still feeling pretty terrible.

I woke up and 0007 was still home, leading me to think that maybe he didn't have to go to work. As much as I knew he needed to work, being sick all week had worn me down and made me somewhat selfish and I wanted him home.

But, he did indeed have to go to work.

So, I got upset. He got upset back. We were both upset.

A few hours later I realized what day it was. "How terrible to fight with him on our anniversary and not even tell...
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