Disclaimer: This may or may not be a picture overload post.

I hope everyone had an awesome time this weekend! Lots of parties and ghoulish fun, I suppose?

Ours rocked.

0007's brother throws a Halloween party every year and, I swear, every year it gets better. It's uber kid-friendly but, a blast for us adults as well. Our kids love it because, on top of the costumes and candy and junk food as far as the eye can see, they get to hang out with their cousins and their other friends. We love it because all those kids sure keep each other busy and we get to hang with all of our friends! The adults really get into the spirit and dress up too. I totally love seeing all the costumes that everyone comes up with.

As far as costumes for our fam...it was tough deciding what to be this year. We set the bar really high for TRex with last year's costume. He and 0007 decided a few weeks ago what this year would hold and, I must say, 0007 really rocked it with the makeup for TRex, Snappy and himself. In case you are wondering, TRex was Ghost Rider and Snappy was (of her own accord) a Vampire Fairy.

I am so picky when it comes to costumes. I really wanted to go all out and dress up but, procrastinated (not me!) and was left with two options. 1) Buy a cheap costume that looked cheap 2) buy an expensive costume that looked cool. You know that there's not much chance I'm going to go for option 2 and I hated option 1. In the end, I threw some glitter on my face (that you can't even see in the pictures!), dressed stylishly sleek and called myself a Twilight vampire. Whatev. Next year's costumes are already being planned so, expect something way better for me!

There were so many adorable kid costumes and hilarious adult costumes at the party. Our dear friends dressed as each other last year and had everyone cracking up but, they outdid themselves this year when they arrived as Brett Michaels and Slash. 0007's brother and sister in law looked awesome as an Egyptian King and Queen.

Some of my favorite costumes were Alice in Chains (seriously, how freaking original!) and Liar Liar Pants on Fire. I was totally cracking up!

0007's niece was the most perfect Princess Fiona and the hippies were supah groovy.

0007's cousins donned the perfect couple costumes and had fun with the angel and devil personas.

Ok, seriously? Look at that last pic. I am still cracking up about all these little girls who were pretty little princesses and then there's my daughter who CHOSE to be a ghoulish vampire fairy. She is a riot!

And, of course, I had to have a little editing fun with a few of these pics.

Now, how's THAT for a family portrait?!