Quick note: Today (10/27) is the last day of the Home Makeover Giveaway!

So, I mentioned that last weekend I had a photo shoot at an engagement party for our photography business that 0007 and I have recently started, Bro's Grafix. It was really nice. Lots of people that I peripherally know through 0007 (his hometown peeps) and they were all fantastic. Gorgeous couple (seriously, their children will be beautiful!) and some adorable kids to snap pics of. Slightly challenging since the majority of the party was after nightfall and it was all outside. I'm still in the editing process but, thought I'd share a few of the finished pics. Or, should I say, I'll share some of the finished art.

Actually, let me take a moment to talk about editing and how I feel about it. There's been talk that I've seen from time to time in the blogosphere blasting edited pics. I just don't agree with that. I adore editing pics and looking at edited pics. "Raw" pictures or barely edited photos can be fantastic. But, appreciating a fully edited picture is being able to look at it as a piece of art. It's not easy to edit a photo and make it look phenomenal. I certainly don't get it right every single time. Even something as simple as turning an image to black & white can go wrong at times. So, when it's done right, whether it's slight editing or full blown digital creating, it's awesome. Just something to keep in mind should you be browsing pics on blogs or run into the anti-editors out there in the blogosphere.

Ok, off soapbox. On to the pics.