Seriously? The weekend is over? Crap. This ride is too fast!

Once again, our weekend was a whirlwind and it's always over way too fast. (That's what she said.) I swear, the more I think I'm getting done, the more it seems there is to do.

Friday was a fun day of shopping out of town. TRex's Halloween costume was found so he's happy and it was super cheap to find the pieces we needed so I'm happy! We've got a big job to live up to how flippin' sah-weet his Halloween costume was last year. I have no doubt that 0007 will work his costume magic and TRex will kick ass like last year.

Saturday was the Fall Festival (or festiBall, as Snappy says) at TRex's school. It was small and perfect for the kids. They had fun and played the super easy games and did a little moon bounce jumpin.

Then, I was off to another photo shoot. This was an engagement party. Beautiful couple, fun people all around and super cute kiddos to snap pics of. I'll post some pics from that later this week.

I wish I could say that Sunday was a lazy day. I really do. Alas, it was not. Monday might call for a little tv watching and couch lounging once it's just Snappy and me at home again! Ha! It was a really wonderful weekend. Despite how busy we are lately, we sure are happy and that's all that matters.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend! Even if it passed you by at top speeds!