We had such a good time on Halloween! My brother-in-law had a party at his house where adults and kids alike all had a wonderful time. His wife is such a good hostess and always blows us away with all her homemade goodies. Seriously, I can't believe I forgot to take pics of the desert table. It was quite a spread. Cookies, mini cakes, candied apples, personal pumpkin pie bites. That last one was my undoing. I could have made myself sick off those. I will be getting the recipe and posting before Thanksgiving because they were so scrumptious.

Prior to heading out, we were all getting ready at the house. I never wear eye makeup but, decided that I would on Saturday night. TRex walked up to me and said "Holy Pretties! What'd you do to your eyes?" I laughed so hard and hugged him tight. He is too funny. Can you tell he watches too much Batman? He always gives me the sweetest compliments. Love that kid!

So, trick or treating, running and playing, hanging out with good friends, family and laughing children was such a wonderful way to spend the evening. The kids had a blast. They looked adorable. Here are some highlights of our night.

Snappy knew how to prepare.

Then she got into her Pre-Trick or Treating outfit.

How cute is she? Her tee is from here and her skirt is from here.

She was a little unsure of all the costumed kids once we got there but, Daddy helped her out.

TRex's costume turned out unbelievable. My husband is so great with the makeup and all. He is definitely an imaginative and talented artist! For those without little boys or big boys husbands who are into the Xmen, he was Wolverine's alter ego, Logan. I thought it was hilarious that he wanted to be the alter ego.

He put that costume on and took hold of the attitude of that character all night. He was so funny.

All the kids looked great.

Some of our kid adult friends dressed up as well. Their costumes were hilarious. A couple of Jody's cousins came up with this funny duo of a biker guy and his chick....

But, the definite winner of the night (aside from TRex!) was our dear friends who came dressed as each other. They were hilarious. The husband has a very loud and funny personality so, to see his wife mimicking him all night was a riot. I told hubby that we are far too boring for that to be a good costume for us!

We all had such a good time! I threw all my rules out the window and let the kids go crazy with the candy and dessert table. I figured "It's Halloween"! We were very successful in hiding for mom to eat later getting rid of all the candy once we got home. The kids woke to find new toys in the place of the candy and haven't asked about the candy all day!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Can you believe there are less than 2 months until Christmas?! Check out the Ultimate Gift Guide I'm putting together and then head over to the Giveaway page to win some great stuff and start checking people off your shopping list!