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Scholastic Storybook DVDs

May 30, 2011
Most nights we let our kids pick out a movie to watch for a few minutes while they unwind in bed. And, inevitably, they joyously choose one of their "story movies". They both absolutely adore each and every Scholastic Storybook movies that we own. Scholastic has released so very many beloved stories in their amazing DVD format that there is a huge selection for my kids to choose from. Whether they want something silly, musical, classic, adventurous, spooky or just something to lull them to sleep, Scholastic has a Storybook DVD that will make them happy.

Recently, Scholastic has released several new DVDs that have become instant favorites in our household.

The "My First" DVD series has been created especially for toddlers to encourage a love of reading early in life. This 3 disc set contains 14 stories that lead off with the wildly popular, Splat the Cat. This, like many others in the DVDs, is a book my son actually read in kindergarten this year and my daughter enjoys as well. It's always fun to see their faces light up when they recognize the stories in the movies from books they've already read. In addition to Splat the Cat, the series contains the classic The Story About Ping along with several other stories about our fine feathered friends. The third disc is one of my son's favorites for bedtime, The Napping House. This disc also contains the fun Each Peach Pear Plum and several other great rhyming stories. Every story in the collection is just wonderful and, like the other DVDs from Scholastic, features voices from great actors of our time and the fantastic read-along feature that really promotes reading.


Another of Scholastic's new releases is one of my favorites, The North Star. This DVD features the title story and more about following your dreams. I think it's such a wonderful lesson for kids that should be reiterated constantly. I love the stories in this DVD and the fact that one of the narrator voices is my favorite actress, Zooey Deschanel, makes it even better for me! Of course, my kids love it too!!

The third new release from Scholastic that my kids have really been enjoying lately is The Scrambled States of America and More Stories From Laurie Keller. I absolutely love using a story like this to teach. Fun and silly stories that get kids learning without them even realizing it are fantastic no matter the age of your child. The award winning stories on this DVD are fun and entertaining while teaching the kids about their states and still promoting reading the way that only Scholastic can.

Scholastic Storybook DVDs are always one of my first choices when I'm buying gifts for young children. They are always a hit with the kids and with the parents. My kids never get tired of them and watch theirs all the time. Let's face it, as parents we are busy and there just isn't always time to sit and read constantly to our kids, no matter how much we want to. Having Scholastic DVDs on hand makes it easy to have an hour to get some work done while not feeling guilty for letting the kids watch tv. Knowing they are hearing quality stories, being entertained and reinforcing their reading skills is quite comforting. We will be a Scholastic family for life! I highly recommend any and all of the Scholastic Storybook DVDs to anyone with small children.

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Swimspot Gift Certificate

May 24, 2011
The school year is ending, the temperatures are rising and the pool waters are glistening. Are you ready for summertime?! We're hitting triple digits already here in the south and bathing suit season is in full swing. One thing I honestly hate shopping for is bathing suits. I'm not a fan of having to buy tops and bottoms sets and I have a hard time finding exactly what I want in most stores around here. Good thing I recently found Swimspot!

You'll adore Swimspot. Shopping for women's swimwear and swimsuit coverups is an absolute breeze. They are stocked with gorgeous, stylish, name brand swimsuits and accessories that will make you feel as hot as the temperature outside. I love that you can mix and match tops and bottoms to build the perfect suit for you and your style and body type.

Swimspot is more than shopping though. You'll find tons of style tips and tricks from their style specialists and, if you need help finding the perfect swimsuit for you, make an appointment to have a consultation with a Fit Specialist!

I browsed the Swimspot site for eons, drooling over all the gorgeous swimsuits, narrowing down my options and trying to decide just exactly what I wanted. I love how you can browse by designer, trends, body type, color and even more options. It makes it enjoyable and easy to shop. While trying to decide between a few different favorite swimsuits, I spotted the Coverups category and realized that I've never really had an awesome swimsuit coverup. Swimspot carries so many different styles of dresses, tops, tunics and boardshorts for coverups but, one look at the Tommy Hilfiger Above Board Doris Dress and I was sold. This dress is so comfortable and breezy with bright summertime colors. I love that it's an easy coverup for when we run down to the beach but, it makes a perfect summer dress for any day of the week.

I definitely recommend Swimspot for some fun summertime shopping. Whether you need a few new swimsuits or a super hot coverup, some great summertime lifestyle tips or advice on upcoming trends, you'll love everything that Swimspot has to offer!

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Knot Genie Detangling Brush

May 22, 2011
I know that I'm not the only mother dealing with a whining, screaming, crying child every morning when it's time to brush hair. Sometimes it seems like my kids start whining before I've even touched their hair with the brush. Recently, I had the chance to try a new product that has absolutely changed things around our house.

The Knot Genie Detangling Brush magically glides through hair and leaves it knot free, silky and smooth while totally eliminating the whining and crying that you're used to hearing when you brush your child's hair. Because the teeth on the brush are all different lengths. While you brush, the teeth bend easily to gently untangle and leave the hair cuticle unharmed. Less breakage, less tangles, less crying!

We've been using the Knot Genie for weeks and we still absolutely love it. Both my daughter and my son generally wake up with hair that looks like they were riding in a convertible in their sleep. Even with spray conditioner, brushing their hair was often a total nightmare. Now, though, it's easy and they love it! The Knot Genie works so well to detangle their hair and leave it super smooth and shiny. It also fits perfectly into the palm of my hand but, is easy for them to use by themselves.

I highly recommend the Knot Genie to anyone with children. I know that every mother out there has dealt with horribly tangled hair at some point and the Knot Genie is truly the answer. I gave one to a friend of mine who has problems brushing her daughter's hair and she was blown away by it. Her words, "best.product.ever." and I totally agree!

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Novica - Unique Shopping in Association With National Geographic

May 17, 2011
I'm very busy these days and find myself doing more and more of my shopping online. When I'm shopping, whether it's for myself or for a gift, my number one priority is that it's something unique, especially when it's for a gift. I want the gifts I give to brighten someone's day and be something that makes them feel truly special. Buying handmade gifts is a great way to ensure that the gift I'm giving is incredibly unique. When buying handmade, one of my favorite places to shop online is Novica.

Novica is a shopping site unlike others. You'll find handmade items from artisans all over the world. Not only do you find unbelievably beautiful jewelry, clothing and decor, you also get the satisfaction of supporting artisans from countries that might never have had the chance to showcase their wares were it not for Novica and National Geographic.

It astounds me that one person can create something as intricate as a statue like this.

One person does create art like that, though. Thanks to Novica, Ketut Taram from Bali can sell his unbelievable art online and gain more than extra income. He and others like him are able to gain respect as talented artists and gain customers and customer insights from around the globe.

Browsing Novica's selection of products can take hours. There is so much to see. I love perusing through the items and carefully selecting things that will make my loved ones oooh and aaah and feel special. The first item I received from Novica wasn't a gift. It was a necklace for myself that I'm insanely in love with.

The pearl strand necklace called "River of Gold" is absolutely one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. The artist is Sasina, from northern Thailand. I had recently broken one of my go-to necklaces and had been searching for something to replace it. This pearl necklace from Novica was the exact piece that I needed. It's elegance makes it easy to wear as a formal piece but, I can wear it with something simple for understated beauty. I truly love it. This is just one of the many amazing necklaces you'll find at Novica. You'll also find gorgeous earrings, as well as beautiful sterling silver jewelry.

The prices at Novica are very reasonable and I love the good feeling of helping to support these artisans from around the globe. Their wares are unique, ornate and exquisite. I highly recommend shopping with Novica for unique gifts that you or your loved one will cherish.

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Light Affection - Lighted Photo Gifts

May 11, 2011
As a photographer, I'm always looking for unique ways to display my photography and recommend to my clients. Not too long ago, I came across a product and a company that absolutely blew me away.

Light Affection creates unique photo gifts and personalized gifts that take photos and turns it into an individual work of art that doubles as a light.

The lighted photo gifts from Light Affection range from night light size up to 8x10. The larger sizes include the main carved piece, a frame, a back stand, an energy efficient light bulb and a plug-in electric cord with a on/off switch. Using a special technique, Light Affection takes the photo you send them and turns it into a on-of-a-kind work of art.The carved piece is placed in a frame and assembled into a complete standing light or night light.


Light Affection has been featured in magazines like Redbook and LA Bride and on numerous TV and radio spots all over the country. Melanie Griffith, Jennie Garth and Kelly Ripa all own lights from Light Affection!

I have a picture I took of my kids about 6 months ago and it remains one of my favorites. I knew immediately that this was the image I would want to use for my photo night light from Light Affection. I sent them this image.

They were so very helpful in assisting me on how to crop it and size it correctly for their processes.

I was so excited to receive the night light and it proudly sits plugged in right beside the kitchen sink.

As soon as I saw the products from Light Affection, I fell in love. While the lights aren't incredibly inexpensive, the result is absolutely worth it. For a gift to a parent or grandparent, I just can't think of anything better than this unique way to give a photo. The night lights are affordable enough to give all the grandparents for holiday gifts! Light Affection will definitely be my go-to in the 2011 holiday season and I'll be recommending it to all of my photography clients.

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Chuggington "Chuggers to the Rescue" DVD

May 11, 2011
One of my daughter's new favorite shows, Chuggington, has a new DVD!

Chuggington is another worldwide hit from Playhouse Disney. The CGI-animated show follows the adventures of trains, Wilson, Brewster and Koko as the ride the rails and try to become productive chuggers. Like the many other learning programs from Playhouse Disney, Chuggington uses it's diverse characters to explore ideas and concepts that toddlers and small children are learning and figuring out, including positive life lessons and early social skills.

The new DVD, "Chuggers to the Rescue", kids will fall in love with six episodes full of their favorite characters. The trains find themselves in jams and adventures that have them learning new emergency rescue skills and taking on new responsibilities. Kids at home will learn about patience, accountability and, the one my daughter needs the most, how to follow instructions.

My daughter loves how entertaining Chuggington is and I love seeing her enjoy a show that I know is teaching her valuable lessons and skills. I also love having these characters to help me as I remind her of her lessons and reinforce what she's learned from yet another fantastic Playhouse Disney show!

I recommend all of the Playhouse Disney shows for small children and Chuggington definitely tops my list!

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Chuggers to the Rescue came out on DVD on April 5th and you can get it in retail stores nationwide, from the Disney site and places like Amazon.com.

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