Most nights we let our kids pick out a movie to watch for a few minutes while they unwind in bed. And, inevitably, they joyously choose one of their "story movies". They both absolutely adore each and every Scholastic Storybook movies that we own. Scholastic has released so very many beloved stories in their amazing DVD format that there is a huge selection for my kids to choose from. Whether they want something silly, musical, classic, adventurous, spooky or just something to lull them to sleep, Scholastic has a Storybook DVD that will make them happy.

Recently, Scholastic has released several new DVDs that have become instant favorites in our household.

The "My First" DVD series has been created especially for toddlers to encourage a love of reading early in life. This 3 disc set contains 14 stories that lead off with the wildly popular, Splat the Cat. This, like many others in the DVDs, is a book my son actually read in kindergarten this year and my daughter enjoys as well. It's always fun to see their faces light up when they recognize the stories in the movies from books they've already read. In addition to Splat the Cat, the series contains the classic The Story About Ping along with several other stories about our fine feathered friends. The third disc is one of my son's favorites for bedtime, The Napping House. This disc also contains the fun Each Peach Pear Plum and several other great rhyming stories. Every story in the collection is just wonderful and, like the other DVDs from Scholastic, features voices from great actors of our time and the fantastic read-along feature that really promotes reading.


Another of Scholastic's new releases is one of my favorites, The North Star. This DVD features the title story and more about following your dreams. I think it's such a wonderful lesson for kids that should be reiterated constantly. I love the stories in this DVD and the fact that one of the narrator voices is my favorite actress, Zooey Deschanel, makes it even better for me! Of course, my kids love it too!!

The third new release from Scholastic that my kids have really been enjoying lately is The Scrambled States of America and More Stories From Laurie Keller. I absolutely love using a story like this to teach. Fun and silly stories that get kids learning without them even realizing it are fantastic no matter the age of your child. The award winning stories on this DVD are fun and entertaining while teaching the kids about their states and still promoting reading the way that only Scholastic can.

Scholastic Storybook DVDs are always one of my first choices when I'm buying gifts for young children. They are always a hit with the kids and with the parents. My kids never get tired of them and watch theirs all the time. Let's face it, as parents we are busy and there just isn't always time to sit and read constantly to our kids, no matter how much we want to. Having Scholastic DVDs on hand makes it easy to have an hour to get some work done while not feeling guilty for letting the kids watch tv. Knowing they are hearing quality stories, being entertained and reinforcing their reading skills is quite comforting. We will be a Scholastic family for life! I highly recommend any and all of the Scholastic Storybook DVDs to anyone with small children.

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