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Monday again? Seems like we just had one of these last week.

So, I am not being showcased today on the blog of the Mom-Stuff Community.

How crazy is that?

No. I mean it.

Are they crazy?

Really though. I'm super flattered. The Mom-Stuff community is really cool and has tons of great (and free- my favorite price) resources for moms. The blog feature about me is here. They'll be doing different posts about my blog all week long. Check out the community and the blog!

Ahem...I am NOT going a little Lost crazy. I have not started dissecting episodes from the first season. That would be nutso. I'm certainly not that much of a Lost-ie. I mean, it's not like I started a Lost meme or

Remember my tingly feeling? Yeah, well, that new phone was supposed to be here early last week. I did not have to spend an hour calling and recalling my cell carrier on Saturday. I did not get super frustrated and hang up several times.


I wouldn't do that.

I am extremely calm and collected when on the phone with idiots. It wouldn't bother me at all if someone who worked for the customer service department didn't understand what it meant when I said "What's the policy on that". Really, I would so not clench my fists and grit my teeth when she responded "Policy? What do you mean?"

<deep breath>


Luckily, at some point, I was able to get in touch with the one semi-educated person they have working there. Got the shipping kinks taken care of. I'm not imagining sitting by the front window like an anxious child to wait on the FedEx guy.