when I'm on the phone

I feel this little tingle in the finger of the hand that is holding the phone to my head.

Is it a nervous tick?

Something from the terrible phone radiation that is most surely giving me a tumor?

The Universe's way of telling me I'm talking on the phone too much?


It's probably the fact that this nice little hole in the screen allows my phone's innards to actually shock me while I'm using it.



Oh, and if I put my phone in my pocket I have to make sure it's facing outward because, oh yeah, shocks my leg.


only for two more days.

Because I finally just ordered a new one!

And I'm a dunce.

Because in my cheapness of not wanting to pay for the shipping, I didn't even check and realized only today that it was free shipping.

I could have had this new phone ages ago!

But, then I wouldn't have all these warm and fuzzy memories of the tingly feeling my old phone gives me. Aww.