Alright, it's been a whacked out day. I meant to do this award post earlier today but, life got in the way. It's Livestock Show time around here. I'm not sure if this is a southern thing or a Texas thing but, it consists of kids showing livestock and people buying them. That's the basic gist of it. Not super exciting but, we've got nieces and nephews showing animals, aunts and uncles who are a big part of it and our kids love to go watch. So, hubby took a half day and was on his way to the show with the kids. He stopped at the convenient store a block away. You can see it from our backyard and our dog, Shady, saw him over there. He jumped the fence (Australian Shepherd) and ran across the highway to my hubby.

And got hit by a car.

If you've been a follower of my blog then you know we recently lost our other dog, Max, to this.

Hubby brought him home and I flipped out as I watched hubby have to give the dog freakin' cpr to get him breathing and his heart beating three times.

To the vet we flew.

Shady is okay. He's going to be okay.

The vet said he was probably in shock and that's why his heart was stopping. He's got no internal bleeding. He did break both of his hips. Yowza. No broken legs but, nice clean little breaks in the hips. Vet said it will heal on it's own but, may take a month or so.

Sweet Shady. We got lucky this time.

So, with hubby and the kids gone to the Livestock Show and Shady sleeping inside, I now have time to blog.

At least I have something happy to blog about now!

I got two awards recently from some of my very favorite bloggers.

Scott at This Daddy's Blog gave me this one...

and Samantha at Our Family Journal gave me this ray of light...

You know the drill. I've gotta pass them on to others. I'm actually going to pick some bloggers and give them both awards. I hope the award gods won't look unfavorably on this.

So, make sure you check out these rockin' peeps!

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Alright, I'm gonna stop there but, with all the blog drooling I've been doing lately, I'm sure I'll share more of them soon!