"I have to tell you something."

I hate that sentence.

No one ever gives good news after that sentence.

Hubby said it to me yesterday evening and my heart sank. My mind started racing with what the news could be.

His eyes got a little red and he choked out the news about our dog, Max.

Max was a Christmas present for TRex from hubby's parents two Christmases ago. TRex named him. TRex loved him. TRex called him "my buddy Max". Hubby cared for him though. Hubby loved that dog. Snappy dragged him around the yard by the collar. He never snapped at her.

He was a tough dog to train. I gave up cleaning the floors after two months and he became an outside dog. He did not like to be contained though. Hubby spent weeks working on the fence when we moved into this new house and for the last month or so, he hadn't been able to escape.

But, our little houdini found a way out and yesterday morning hubby found him on his way to work. I'm sure our little buddy never knew what hit him.

Hubby spared me the pain of having to deal with it. He buried him with only our other dog by his side.

We have decided not to tell TRex what happened. He has already asked me today about Max and I honestly have a feeling that he just knows. We are just not ready to deal with death and our five year old. So, yes, we are choosing to shelter him a little longer.

My heart is heavy. Several times today my thoughts went to Max and I had to remind myself that he isn't coming back. He won't wake me up tonight barking. It's a sad day in our house. I'm sure there will be more sad days where we forget he's really gone. I know it will be okay.

So, goodbye Max.

Our buddy.

We love you.

We'll miss you.