Hell yeah, she is!

Even after my editing rant last week (yes, Scott, that can be considered a "rant"), it seems that I've been awarded one of those sweet little blog awards that float around the blogosphere. And, since this one is called "One Lovely Blog", I'll be on my best behavior here as I accept. Thanks to Mom-Stuff Community for thinkin' of me!

Rules schmules. Oh, okay, I'll follow the rules. Best behavior, right?

Share 7 things about yourself.

Talk about myself? Why sure! I can do that!

1. When I find something I like; be it a book, tv show, movie, food, etc; I can be obsessive. I'll watch a full season of a show in two or three days, read a new book in a day or two or eat the same thing for three weeks straight.

2. I love apple cinnamon candles. They smell like Christmas.

3. Speaking of Christmas smells. I don't like sweet pickles because they taste like Christmas smells.

4. Oh, what the hell, let's just stick with this theme for one more. As much as I like the scent of apple cinnamon (which I misspelled both times I typed it), I cannot stand eating anything that is apple cinnamon flavored.

5. My current favorite guilty pleasure is Keeping up With the Kardashians on Netflix Watch Instantly. Don't judge.

6. I'm about to start a new home improvement project! Woot!

7. I'm excited that it is cold here right now but, snarling at the fact that it will warm up again this weekend.

Ok, there ya go. Seven random nuggets about me. Your life is probably much more enriched now. Or you successfully wasted a few minutes of your day. Win/win situation either way.

So, next rule is to pass the award on to 15 bloggers. Um, I might break this one a teeny bit. We'll see how I do.

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There. Dammit. Couldn't even make it to ten. I'm a rebel. A rule breaker. Or I'm just lazy at 11 at night. Or I'm lazy all the time. Or all of the above. Whatev.

Hope you all played a part in our country today and voted! TRex learned about voting at school and was pretty friggin' ticked off when he learned that he wasn't allowed to vote when we went over to do it. Oh, my dear boy, 18 will come soon enough. Do I have a politician in the making?

Have a good one!