Two days from Thanksgiving?! Or is it one day? I never know if you count the day you are on. 

Where the hell did this year go?!

So, yeah, I'm still insanely busy. Probably not really happily buzzing along like a little bee but, still busy. Is it time to write letters to Santa yet?

Dear Santa,

I would like an assistant. And a vacay.

And something sparkly. Just sayin.


I'm ready for Thanksgiving and all the chowin' down on awesome food. Remember my deal to stop drinking coke and the horrible-for-me creamer? Well, I am happy to say that I am doing great. It's been a week, I'm still fighting the urge to get a coke but, I have resisted Switching to the organic half and half and the raw sugar hasn't been that big of a deal. I'm re-learning how to love coffee and not just creamer. And, after only a week, I'm already seeing a downsizing of the little belly I had kickin'. I'm super happy and seeing that tummy going flat again so quickly makes all the urge fighting totally worth it! I'm run ragged right now but, after the Thanksgiving weekend I'm really going to try and add a little workout into my days other than the insane workout my typing fingers get.

So, down a few pounds and ready for the gobbling of the Thanksgiving smorgasbord! My trick for things like this is to get a very small amount of everything. That way, I don't feel like I'm not getting to indulge but, I'm not eating a crazy amount of food. And, as good as they may be, skip the rolls. No reason to fill up on bread!

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving and, if you're braving Black Friday then, May the Force be With You. You're gonna need it!

And, if you're curling up for some holiday shopping online, be sure to check out my Giveaway Page where you'll find a shit ton of awesome companies giving away some ridiculously cool loot! Seriously, there are so many giveaways right now and they are just going to keep on coming between now and Christmas!

Gobble Gobble! Happy Turkey Day!