You know, I was surprisingly not upset about turning 30 this year. It really didn't affect me at all mentally.

I can't say the same for affecting me physically.

My body is turning against me. It's so cliche. And I hate it.

I'm tired.

I feel worn out.

I'm cranky.

All I talk about is the weather.

I'm screaming at people to get off my lawn.

Ok, maybe it's not quite to that point yet but, things are definitely changing over here.

All my late teens and early to mid 20s I really never had to worry about my body. I could always eat whatever I wanted to and my metabolism was amazing. I could go on very little sleep and I was all good. Ready to face the day after partying all night. Ready to don a bikini after Thanksgiving dinner.

Not anymore.

Why is that magic number of 30 such a milestone for things starting to settle in weird places and years of no sleep catching up with me? Two pregnancies seemed to have done nothing to me 6 months ago.

Now, things are different.

I can no longer be complacent about what I'm putting in my body. I can no longer sit around and expect my body to take care of itself and stay fit and trim like when I was 20. I've quit the partying long ago but, still stay up at night as if I'm a rockstar. Gotta stop. I've quit the drinking a long time ago but, still consume way too much sugar. Gotta stop.

And I'm ready to make the change. Especially if we're going to continue trying to have another baby. I have got to get a handle on everything going on with my body before being ravaged by another pregnancy.

But, I'm still me. I'm comfortable in my slight laziness, like to stay up late, love a good dessert and recognize what a procrastinator I am. So, baby steps.

My two big vices are having a coke several times a week (lately more like once a day) and my sugary sweet and creamy morning coffee. I have committed to cutting them both out. No cokes. Only water. And, that morning coffee will now contain only organic cream and raw sugar. I'm also cutting out all the crap junk. No chips, cookies, candy or other solid forms of high fructose corn syrup. The thing is, I'm a good cook. I cook meals from scratch all week long. I eat tuna or sandwiches for lunch and we have healthy dinners every night. But, the cokes, coffee creamer, bleached sugar and other hfcs snacks that find their way into my mouth throughout the week are all settling comfortably into my belly and making me feel worn out and sluggish.

I'm excited about this change and after talking with 0007 about it, take it as somewhat of a challenge. He's conviced that I'll see results within two weeks just by making this change to my diet. I believe him and will probably try to throw in some exercising as well. I super wish that we had somewhere near here that did Zumba or something fun like that.

Or, you know, someone could buy me that P90X thingie. Just sayin.

I refuse to let this year of my life take me down too many notches. 30 is the new 20, right? Well, I want my 20 year old body back!

One day down and I'm still feeling good about the decisions. I'll keep you all posted on my progress. I'm totally going to kick 30's ass.