SensiClear 3 Step Acne Kit is a cleanser, toner and lotion kit for the treatment of acne. It is the only acne treatment with the patented ingredient Retextra.

SensiClear contains no benzoyl peroxide but, independent tests show that it is over 100% more effective than the leading benzoyl peroxide treatments. Tests also show that Sensiclear is 50% more effective than ProActiv at reducing acne in the first three days.

SensiClear is available at and

New York City's most recognizable and trusted pharmacy, Duane Reade, will carry SensiClear in it's stores starting September 1, 2009.

And, at only about $20 for a 30 day supply, I'm seriously wanting to give it a try. I have mild bouts with hormonal acne and have tried lots of treatments. I was very disappointed when I tried ProActiv. I've read some reviews on SensiClear and I'd definitely like to try it.