When I was growing up my mom always made "Concoctions" for dinner. Her fancy way of saying "I don't know but hopefully it will be good." This is how I learned to cook and I love it. Sure I use recipes sometimes but being able to "concoct" is so much fun!

Tonight I browned some ground turkey meat. Then I threw some frozen veggies and some fresh veggies in the pan along with some garlic and salt and pepper and sauteed it all for a while. I made some rice to go with it and felt the meat and veggie mix needed to be saucier so I mixed some tomato sauce with some Zesty Italian dressing and poured that into the mix. It turned out kind of saucy italian stir fry over rice. It was yummy!

Today's tip: Throw what you've got into a pan and see what happens! Change a recipe a little bit to experiment with new tastes. It's so much fun and you never know what great new dinner you'll come up with!