My husband started sharing his childhood loves with our son a very long time ago. One thing that they've always shared an intense interest in is Transformers. From the toys to the tv shows to the blockbuster movies, Transformers enthrall and enchant both my husband and my son. In the mid 90s, a Transformers tv show debuted and ran for three years. My husband and son may have missed it back then but, thanks to Shout! Factory, they can both experience all the fun of Transformers: Beast Wars now!

Transformers: Beast Wars is the story of the conflicts between the heroic Maximals and the evil Predacons who are the descendants of the Decepticons from the original series. In this series, Transformers disguise themselves as the fiercest and most ferocious animals on Earth. A fun twist from the original Transformers, this series proves entertaining for boys and men of all ages. The Transformers: Beast Wars Season One DVD contains four discs featuring all 26 episodes from the first season of this fantastic show.

My son and his friends love to pop in one of these discs for a background imagination booster while they play with their Transformers toys. Just like all the superhero stories out there, Transformers is something that is just quintessentially loved by boys.

Even better than this 4 disc set of season one, fans can now get the whole series on dvd! Transformers: Beast Wars - The Complete Series Collector's Edition is an 8 disc set that contains the entire series along with tons of extra features including featurettes, a 12 page book plus a collectible comic book. Whether you go with the Season One DVD set or the Collector's Edition box set, Transformers: Beast Wars makes an amazing gift for any boy (or man!) in your life. I highly recommend them both!

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