As my kids get older, there are some things that I can trust them to do without me hovering over them. Washing their hands still isn't one of those things. They don't remember on their own to wash their hands and, when I tell them to do it, there is usually whining involved. For the last week, however, not only are they loving washing their hands, they are the ones remembering every time it's necessary and even times when it's not.

Why are my kids so enthusiastically washing their hands?

Soap Soundz.

My kids are crazy for Soap Soundz. They can't wait to get in the bathroom and use the musical soap dispenser. They love the sweet, sugary, strawberry scent and my daughter is over the moon with the pink color of the soap.

Soap Soundz looks like a regular soap dispenser but, when you push the pump down, the dispenser plays music for the recommended length of time that you should wash your hands. My kids have toothbrushes that light up for the amount of time to brush your teeth and I'm thrilled to have something for their hand washing time as well. Kids really respond to things like this and I highly doubt my bathroom will ever be without Soap Soundz again. It's amazing to me that my kids are loving being so hygienic and that there are no longer any qualms about washing their hands. I like that washing their hands after using the restroom is so much fun that it's becoming a habit that will be second nature for them to do even when they aren't at home.

Soap Soundz come in different styles and kids will love the Hygiene Heroes series that Soap Soundz offers. With characters like Captain Cleanhands and scents like Solar Strawberry, these are absolutely wonderful products for kids of all ages. Really, I can't say that I've ever recommended soap as a Christmas gift but, Soap Soundz would make a really fun stocking stuffer! Soap Soundz also offer Season's Harmony soaps that are holiday scents with holiday sounds. I'm definitely wanting the Halloween and Christmas themed soaps. These would be perfect in guest bathrooms or kitchens. Definitely something to make your guests smile! If you'd like something a little more soft and subtle, be sure and check out their Earth Tones collection with soaps that are paraben and phthalate free and in recyclable bottles made from recycled plastic. The Earth Tones collection of soaps are made from natural and naturally derived ingredients.

You can get Soap Soundz from their online site, follow them on Twitter and on Facebook! Be sure to check your local retailers for Soap Soundz as well!

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