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November 14, 2010
My husband and I both use disposable razors. We each have the brand that we like to use and we both really like the ones that we normally purchase. The thing is, no matter how much we like the razors we use, there's nothing we can do about the fact that we always have to purchase more to replace the dulling blades. Buying razor blades seriously makes me cringe. The prices seem like they just climb and climb. I love the razors I buy but, I've always wished I didn't have to replace them so often.

Recently we were able to try out a product that is truly remarkable. Magnablade is a device that will save you money, save our landfills from so many razors helping to fill them up, and prolong the life of your razors.

Magnablade uses a built-in magnetic force field that prevents the separations of the molecules on the edge of the blade. The edge quality is prolonged by the constant exposure of the patented method of magnetic energy. Magnablade is made from high quality plastic, uses no batteries and has no moving parts. There are a wide variety of disposable razor blades that will fit in a Magnablade and the device itself is made to last many years.

Because using Magnablade means your disposable razor blade lasts longer, you will buy less and throw away less, making Magnablade incredibly eco-friendly. Magnablade's patented technology will extend the life of your razors by up to 6 times.

I wasn't really that skeptical before trying Magnablade but, I was still surprised at how well it worked. My husband started with a new blade about a month ago and the blade is still exactly like new. I would definitely recommend the use of Magnablade and am thrilled that it means saving us money on my husband's expensive taste in razor blades.

You can purchase Magnablade from their online shopping site HERE. They'd make great stocking stuffers this holiday season! Be sure to keep up with Magnablade on Facebook and on Twitter!

[Product review & giveaway disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."]

Hair Straightener Reviews

November 14, 2010
There are so many different hair straightener irons on the market these days. These flat irons range from super expensive to incredibly affordable, salon quality to not so great, low heat to ultra high heat and everywhere in between. It seems like hair straightener irons are available everywhere and I'm sure it can be confusing for women who wonder which ones are actually worth purchasing.

There are tons of sites and blogs out there that have reviews on hair straighteners. I've done several m...
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Salon Hive

November 14, 2010
A great hair stylist has a few must-haves. A professional stylist knows that the hairstyle starts with the cut and a great hairstyle needs to start with a great cut. When it comes to the hair shears a stylist uses, there's no room for skimping. Great stylists use great tools and for the best tools, look no further than Salon Hive.

Salon Hive is the source for stylists. Amateur and professional stylists can purchase quality beauty products and salon tools while also having access to buzz in the...
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Udderly Smooth

November 13, 2010
I remember packing my bag for the hospital when my son was born six years ago. Like most women, I had certain things that I knew I didn't want to forget. One of the things that went into my bag, stayed on the bedside table in the hospital and was never very far from me during my post partum weeks was my Udderly Smooth lotion bottle.

It was during the middle of my first pregnancy that my skin got really dry and itchy. My mother handed me some lotion one day and I remember my first reaction was...
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The Search for Santa Paws

November 8, 2010
My kids love all the dog movies that have come out in recent years. I am so excited for them to see the newest one!

The Search for Santa Paws comes out on DVD and BluRay on November 23rd!

It looks absolutely adorable and would make a perfect Christmas gift for any child!

Want to get a jump start on your holiday shopping and get some rewards for doing so? Pre-order The Search for Santa Paws HERE and get Disney Movie Reward Points!

And, if you don't pre-order, be sure to check your local stores on ...
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Mineral Hygienics Makeup

November 8, 2010
I've been looking for a while, trying to find mineral makeup that I like and that I can actually afford. I remember seeing an infomercial many years ago when mineral makeup was first becoming a fashion trend. I really wanted to try it but, every time I looked into it, the price was just way more than what I wanted to spend. I had the opportunity to try some mineral makeup recently that completely blew me away with the results and with the price.

Mineral Hygienics is absolutely a mineral makeu...
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Hotness Flat Irons

November 8, 2010
I flat iron my hair pretty much every single day. Whether it's all my hair or just a few touch-ups, I need my flat iron at least once every day. And, I need my flat iron to be reliable and work really well. Luckily, a new flat iron was recently added to my arsenal and it's absolutely amazing.

"Hotness Styling Irons feature IntelTek advanced technology and combine it with ceramic tourmaline for accelerated ion generation, meaning vast amounts of negative ions for the smoothest, sleekest res...
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Lego Universe Online Game

October 29, 2010
My son is 6 and he has recently gotten very into video games. His favorites are, without a doubt, his Lego games. Lego Indiani Jones and Lego Harry Potter games keep that boy massively entertained. This week, his eyes were wide and he was overflowing with joy as he sat down to play the newest game from Lego, a computer game called Lego Universe.

Lego Universe is the first Lego game that is a MMOG, a Massively Multiplayer Online Game. More than a game, this is an online world where kids can cr...
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Barbar Eco-Friendly Blow Dryer

October 21, 2010
I used to blow dry my hair all the time. Then, with the blow drying and the flat ironing on top of it, my hair was just ravaged. My normally dry, coarse hair was getting even more dry and coarse. So, I stopped blow drying. (Because there's no way I can stop flat ironing!) Always having to let my hair air dry beore I could style is a total pain though. These days, I'm back to blow drying but, my hair is less damaged and my falt ironing time has been cut down. What's my secret?

The Barbar Cerami...
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Soap Soundz

October 16, 2010
As my kids get older, there are some things that I can trust them to do without me hovering over them. Washing their hands still isn't one of those things. They don't remember on their own to wash their hands and, when I tell them to do it, there is usually whining involved. For the last week, however, not only are they loving washing their hands, they are the ones remembering every time it's necessary and even times when it's not.

Why are my kids so enthusiastically washing their hands?

Soap ...
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