I've been looking for a while, trying to find mineral makeup that I like and that I can actually afford. I remember seeing an infomercial many years ago when mineral makeup was first becoming a fashion trend. I really wanted to try it but, every time I looked into it, the price was just way more than what I wanted to spend. I had the opportunity to try some mineral makeup recently that completely blew me away with the results and with the price.

Mineral Hygienics is absolutely a mineral makeup that I can stand behind and recommend to all of my friends. When my starter kit arrived, I immediately washed off the makeup I was wearing and followed the Mineral Hygienics instructions step by step to apply their makeup. Let me first say that it didn't take me any longer than putting on my normal makeup. The application is incredibly easy and the results are amazing.

I love how light this makeup feels. I love the amount of coverage it gives. I love that after putting on the foundation, even when I'm having a skin breakout, I rarely need extra blemish cover-up. I love that once I have finished putting on the Mineral Hygienics makeup, I don't look like I have makeup on; in a totally good way! My skin looks fresh, healthy and clear. I love that I can sweat all day in the south Texas heat and humidity and my makeup doesn't get all nasty or run off my face. I also love that this light and airy makeup is also giving me really great natural sunscreen.

It pains me to post a picture that is entirely unedited. However, for the purpose of showing you just how amazing this makeup is, I will. This picture is completely unedited with the exception of cropping it closer so you can see my face better. I actually love that even if I was editing the original picture, I wouldn't have to use my airbrush tool. Even the normal laugh lines I get when I turn my head and smile are less visible here and I know it's because of the amazing airbrushing type qualities of the makeup. Absolutely awesome!

More than the overall way the makeup looks and feels, I absolutely love the price of the makeup from Mineral Hygienics. I adore that you only need a small amount each time you wear it. That means that this makeup is inexpensive and will last longer than other makeup I normally use. Seriously, that is amazing.

I will definitely be purchasing more Mineral Hygienics in the future. I'm completely a fan of the foundations and cannot stress enough how amazing the results of the Sheer Perfection Finishing Powder. The oil absorbing finish that this powder gives seriously mimics the effect of photo airbrushing. I adore it!

If you're looking for new makeup, wanting to try mineral makeup or are already a mineral makeup user, I definitely recommend Mineral Hygienics and I promise you that you'll love their makeup. Plus, their staff is helpful and friendly! You can see all the benefits of mineral makeup, find answers to any questions you may have and order your makeup from the Mineral Hygienics online site.

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