My son is 6 and he has recently gotten very into video games. His favorites are, without a doubt, his Lego games. Lego Indiani Jones and Lego Harry Potter games keep that boy massively entertained. This week, his eyes were wide and he was overflowing with joy as he sat down to play the newest game from Lego, a computer game called Lego Universe.

Lego Universe is the first Lego game that is a MMOG, a Massively Multiplayer Online Game. More than a game, this is an online world where kids can create personas and play with other kids all over the world while they build friendships and help each other through the game.

As a parent, I have to make special mention of a few things dealing with this game. I have been very wary to start letting my son play in a multiplayer type setting with any games, especially online. While setting up this game, I was blown away by Lego's attention to child safety online. During registration, a parent email is required and then parent activation and validation follow. These types of parental controls are phenomenal and make me feel much better from the get go. Lego definitely takes online safety very seriously and I love that. I shouldn't be surprised. Lego has always been all about kids so, it makes sense that they would have their best interest at the highest priority level.

On to the game. The beginning sequences of the game, just the opening credits for logos and such are already amazing. Really, I can't remember ever being so entertained while watching the opening publishing credits. Think of the Pixar openings and multiply it by entertainment factor 100. The player is then able to fully customize their Minifigure, which is super fun. You can choose the way your Lego figure looks and choose their name. Once the game starts, you are transported into the world of Lego Universe. The opening story sequence is amazing. The plot of the game is so much fun as it incorporates things that kids just love. Saving the world from an evil threat is a perfect plot but, adding to this, Lego takes it a step further in that the player must Save Imagination. I love this theme. As I look around the world today and see all the toys, shows and video games that really do tend to threaten a child's imaginative abilities, I love that Lego is giving a nod to how important imagination is. Lego has been helping cultivate imaginations in children for so long, it's only fitting that this would be their game theme here.

I'm no gamer but, I see my son play them often. I will say that these graphics seem phenomenal. It was like watching a movie in HD, very cartoon-like. The controls are simple to figure out and everything is very well laid out. Not only do I know that my son is going to really like playing with other people once he really gets the hang of it but, I also think this will help with his reading and spelling as he figures out that he can talk with the other players through the easy chat box.

All in all, I am 100% a fan of this new Lego game. I've loved all the other Lego video games that my son has played and this one just adds more to the collection. The Lego games have fantastic storylines, are easy enough for beginners but, still fun for more experienced players and are not in the slightest bit annoying for parents listening to the game playing. (Trust me, that is important!) I'm quite certain that Lego games will be a staple in our house for years to come. I highly recommend Lego Universe and put it at the top of my must-have list for holiday shopping and Holiday Gift Guide.

Lego Universe is now available in stores. You can get more info HERE.