It's entirely possible to make a unique statement with clothing that inspires and encourages interpretive thinking. This is something that generally can happen when looking at a really good tattoo and, thanks to one man's creative mind and unbelievable talent, tattoo design inspiration is available for those who'd rather snuggle up in a tee than have that needle come at them.

Intuitive Productions is a company inspired by the tattoo design work of a creative mind. All of the designs are bold while remaining stylish and make a statement while remaining classic. The abstract designs on the clothing from Intuitive Productions are modest and elegant works of art. No need for huge emblems or quickly passing fads. The clothing from Intuitive Productions is classic enough to remain in your wardrobe forever, comfortable enough to want to wear everyday and unique enough that you'll turn heads with the intriguing and intricate designs.

Intuitive Productions takes the high-contrast designs and applies them in a high-quality fashion to clothing that is so comfortable. It's immediately apparent that the founder and designer, Tyson Holland, is surrounded by outdoor beauty and wants to ensure that everyone who wears his clothing is comfortable in their active lifestyles. Whether you are hiking a mountain, lounging by a lake or just headed to the movies, you will be comfortable and stylish in the clothing from Intuitive Productions.

One of the things I love about this clothing is the design placement. Instead of opting for the run-of-the-mill front and center design placement, Tyson has opted to place his intricate artwork on shoulders, upper backs and hoods. This is yet another of the wonderful perks of having a tattoo artist design your clothing. Busting out of the proverbial box and coming up with new and amazing ideas for fashion is one of the reasons that Intuitive Productions will see continued success in the clothing industry.

I was recently lucky enough to get my hands on one of the henley tees from Intuitive Productions. From the moment I put it on it became my favorite shirt. The fabric is fantastic and uber soft. The design on the shoulder is perfectly printed and the gray color of the tee is definitely one of my favorites for comfort. The shirts are Unisex which is nice, though I'm glad I'm tiny because if this shirt were a little bigger I'm sure my husband would be snatching it from me. If you are looking for a unique gift for a man this year, I highly recommend a tee or hoodie from Intuitive Productions. The henley tees are great for everyone and you can also choose from regular tshirts, baseball tees, hoodies, pants and tanks. So many clothing choices, artwork choices and color choices means that you will, without a doubt, find the perfect item for anyone.

I am a huge fan of this company, the artwork and the clothing. I'm actually thinking that I'd love to add to my actual tattoos with some artwork from Tyson Holland of Intuitive Productions. Though, whether you or the person on your gift list is a tattoo lover or not, you can't go wrong with these stylish and comfortable clothing choices from Intuitive Productions.

Intuitive Productions clothing can be purchased through their Etsy site and their online shop and select retailers in Montana.