I flat iron my hair pretty much every single day. Whether it's all my hair or just a few touch-ups, I need my flat iron at least once every day. And, I need my flat iron to be reliable and work really well. Luckily, a new flat iron was recently added to my arsenal and it's absolutely amazing.

"Hotness Styling Irons feature IntelTek advanced technology and combine it with ceramic tourmaline for accelerated ion generation, meaning vast amounts of negative ions for the smoothest, sleekest results."* I don't know much about the science that goes on behind the Hotness flat irons but, I can speak for the results. The Hotness Xtasy Flat Iron from Hair Products Pro straightens quickly, easily and leaves my hair silky smooth. Plus, it's pink zebra. You can't beat that!

I really like that this flat iron has a digital temperature display, which is a bit easier to read than numbers on a dial that have a tendency to rub and wear after time. The Hotness flat irons reach 450 degrees, which means that my unruly hair is easy to straighten. My hair really needs that heat but, the temperature can easily be lowered to achieve the perfect heat for your hair.

There are so many great features of the Hotness flat irons. I really recommend them and for the best hair straightening irons, be sure to check out Hair Products Pro. They have an amazing selection of flat irons and other styling tools.

*Science and terminology from the Hair Products Pro website.