I've got a family of four, I cook most of our meals from scratch and I've got no dishwasher.

I spend a lot of time in front of my sink. Washing dishes.

I don't mind washing dishes. Most women think I'm crazy but, I really enjoy it. What I do not enjoy is spending that time standing at my sink uncomfortable.

For several weeks, however, that time spent at the sink has been much more comfortable. Why? Because I got a new floor mat for my kitchen. How could that make such a difference? Because it's a GelPro floor mat and it's amazing.

GelPro is the original gel filled anti-fatigue floor mat. Before I get into my raving, let's start with the features and technology of it all. GelPro mats have a revolutionary, shock-resistant, gel core designed to evenly distribute your weight and give you the most comfortable surface to stand on. The non-slip bottom is made from material with anti-microbial additives. The top surface is stain resistant, soft and easy to clean. Unlike a foam mat, the GelPro gel mat contours to your feet as weight is applied and continues to do so as you move around.

There are several styles and sizes of GelPro mats to choose from and they also come in different color options. All of the GelPro mats are made of the highest quality materials and are incredibly durable. With 9 styles, 11 sizes and 50 colors to choose from, you're sure to find a mat that is perfect for your house.

I'm completely in love with my GelPro mat. I have one in front of my kitchen sink but, I'd love to get one of the longer mats and have it run the length of my kitchen. In fact, I'd love to just line the floors of my house with these mats! They really are unbelievably comfortable to stand on. My daughter, who loves to sit on the kitchen floor and play while I cook, sat on the new mat and exclaimed "This rug is so soft!". I completely agree with her.

Whether you are a professional chef, an amateur cook, a dishwashing mommy, a hair stylist or have some other reason to be on your feet often, GelPro floor mats are amazing and I highly recommend them. Something with style and function that is good for your body and looks great in your home or business is a rare thing and the GelPro floor mats surely meet all those items and exceeded my expectations.

You can get more info and purchase GelPro floor mats HERE.