Thank goodness for moms who start businesses. As moms, so many of us have those little (and big) ideas for things that would make our lives as parents easier. Sometimes there are moms that not only have those amazing ideas but, they see them through. Luckily, the two smart mommies behind Dressy Dribbles took their ideas and ran with them.

Dressy Dribbles offers car seat covers for infant and toddler car seats that are stylish, easily removed and reversible. I've used car seats covers before and had a difficult time getting them on and off the seat. The straps of car seats can be particularly annoying to get through the openings of a cover. The covers from Dressy Dribbles snap on and off. The snaps surround the area where the straps are and it makes it so easy to get them on and off. The Dressy Dribbles car seat covers fit most standard car seats. I will also say that because of all the snaps it also makes the cover fit on a non-traditional car seat. We put the toddler car seat cover on one of my daughter's car seats that is slightly larger than an average toddler seat and because of the snaps it fit much better.

The minky side of the car seat covers is so soft it will make you want one for your driver's seat. I love that I can use the silky side during the warmer months and flip it over for the warm and soft minky side when it's colder outside. The patterns and fabric styles that Dressy Dribbles has chosen for their covers are wonderful. There are so many to choose from and I love that you can get an infant seat cover, toddler seat cover and a blanket all in matching fabrics. What a fantastic baby shower gift that will grow with the baby for years to come.

Dressy Dribbles car seat covers and blankets are such high quality products. My daughter loves her cover and I love knowing that she's comfy in something that will last through her and any other toddlers that come along in our family. I suggest the Dressy Dribbles products to any parents of small children or anyone looking for a wonderful gift for new parents or toddlers.

You can purchase Dressy Dribbles car seat covers and blankets through their online store and in select retailers nationwide.