Last year when I did my home makeover, one of the things that I left undone was my ceiling. It remains unfinished for several reasons, though I desperately want to redo the entire thing. Our ceilings are the old popcorn ceilings. While doing my renovations, I considered two options for my ceilings, neither very appealing. Either I can cover everything in my house and make a humongous mess to scrape all the popcorn off and then paint the whole area or install new ceiling. One is incredibly messy, the other incredibly expensive. Like I said, neither too appealing. Recently I discovered a company that made my jaw drop by giving me an option I didn't know existed.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles is a company that offers large ceiling tiles that look like tin, solid copper, aluminum, and decorative ceiling tiles that are lightweight, inexpensive and easy to install. They sent me a couple of samples to check out their products and I was absolutely floored. The Faux Tin Decorative Ceiling Tile is made of pvc. If the look of a tin or metal ceiling is appealing to you, this is absolutely the way to go. You can achieve the gorgeous look without having to worry about rust, metal echo in a room or high cost.

As a photographer, these ceiling tiles really intrigue me. Used as photography backgrounds, any of these ceiling tiles can create amazingly beautiful images. My ceilings aside, I am absolutely planning on purchasing some of these ceiling tiles to use in my photography. So unique, so easy and so affordable. I'm in love with this idea.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles also sent me a sample of their foam ceiling tiles. This is the type of ceiling tile I'm planning on going with for the ceilings in my home. The best part? The go over the popcorn ceiling easily! No mess, no fuss and I'll have new ceiling that I can use as-is or paint. The fact that these ceiling tiles are so lightweight also means that, when it comes to installation, I could actually do this on my own.

The selection of ceiling tiles in this online shop is impressive. Many of the tiles come in more than one color. I also really appreciate that many of the tiles have sample pictures to show you a completed room with that tile. It's sometimes hard to imagine how more than one will look and this really helps when shopping. I'm really leaning towards something like this in my home.

While browsing their site recently, and dreaming of how amazing I can make my home look with these products, I discovered that they also offer faux tin backsplash rolls. When I was renovating my kitchen, one of the suggestions I got from friends was to go with a tin backsplash. One of my close friends is in the process of shopping around to do this in her kitchen. I decided against the idea because of the cost. The backsplash that Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers is affordable and would completely transform a kitchen or bathroom. When I start my bathroom renovations, I'll surely be coming back to these backsplash choices and I've already alerted my friend to this amazing alternative.

The prices at Decorative Ceiling Tiles are really something to take note of. Comparing them to the prices at major home improvement stores is astonishing. With tiles that start at under $4, Decorative Ceiling Tiles will allow you to redo your room at a fraction of the cost of one of the big stores. Plus, they offer samples of their tiles so you can be sure it's exactly what you want.

Every once in a while I come across a company that has products that I love or that make my life so much easier. Decorative Ceiling Tiles is both. After seeing and feeling their ceiling tiles, my husband, who is hard to please when it comes to inexpensive home improvement products, was just as impressed as I was. This is a company and product that I would and will recommend to everyone I know and will be using myself. If you've been putting off redoing your ceiling because of cost, I encourage you to check out Decorative Ceiling Tiles and be amazed at what you can do for so much less.

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