When it comes to animated movies, sequels that go straight to dvd can sometimes leave something to be desired. 

That is definitely not the case with Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey

This delightful sequel to the first Curious George movie is fun, lighthearted and just as silly as the first. My kids adore this new Curious George movie and I think it's just too cute. 

The film follows George's adventures as he befriends Kayla, a baby elephant, at a magic circus show and helps her travel across the country to find her family. Along with his friend, the Man with the Yellow Hat, George travels by foot, train, and truck to reach Kayla's brother and sister in California, only to be accused of elephant-napping and brought all the way back to New York City.

The first Curious George movie featured music by one of my favorite musicians. I wasn't sure how the sequel could hold up, music wise but, it did not disappoint. The music of this movie, from legendary songwriter Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, is absolutely wonderful. 

It seems to me that some people have voices that were just made for being a cartoon character. Much to my enjoyment, Tim Curry lends his voice as Piccadilly. In addition to Tim Curry, I was also thrilled to hear the voices of Matt Lauer and Jamie Kennedy. They all do a fantastic job at bringing this movie to life. 

The bonus features on the disc are fabulous. In addition to the full length movie, you get two bonus episodes of the all new tv season of Curious George, one of my kids' favorite PBS shows. My son, the budding gamer, was excited to find out that one of the bonus features is a fun game. There's also a fun music video, coloring pages and wallpapers.

I'm always a fan of a movie that I can watch with my children and be as entertained as they are. Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey! is a movie that, like the first Curious George movie, none of us ever get tired of watching. My kids have watched it, undoubtedly, a zillion times since we got it. I've seen it a few less times than that but, loved it whole heartedly each time. I definitely recommend this adorable cartoon for kids of all ages!

Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey! debuted on March 2 and you can get your copy and so much more at