I have a small kitchen. With limited space, everything I put in my kitchen comes with a lot of thought and pondering over where it will go, if it will fit and how much room I'll have left over.


Even my trash can.

I always had large trashcans in my kitchen before we lived here. Now, I just don't have the space. I've had to change to a smaller trashcan and hated the one I had because it had no lid and it still took up space in the bottom of my pantry.

When I came across the simplehuman Cabinet Mount Trash System on the CSN website, it was one of those things that I didn't know how much I needed it until I had it.

CSN certainly made it easy though. Their amazing 200+ online shopping websites make it easy to find all the necessities that you didn't know you needed and all the things you're sure you need. Their convenient shopping makes it fun and easy to find the items you need at the prices you can afford. Their customer service is amazing and shipping times are lightning fast. Every product that I've gotten from CSN has been high quality and exactly how their sites show it to be.
The simplehuman cabinet mount trash system did not disappoint. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this trashcan. I never thought I'd rave about a trashcan! It was simple to install and fits perfectly in my pantry. You can also install it on the cabinet door under your sink or on any door you'd like. I love that it has a place to store all the shopping bags that I was already accumulating and using as trashbags. The bags easily come out of their storage compartment and are simple to hang on the holder. The storage bin holds up to 50 bags which is really convenient. There's also a drip guard that protects your cabinet and floor from leaks and spills. With a five year warranty, this is the only kitchen trash system you'll ever need.

After using the simplehuman trash system, I'm intrigued to try their other products and I know that CSN can help me with that as well.

Whether you're shopping for trashcans, kids' clothes, lawn equipment, baking supplies or anything else, you'll find what you need at CSN. I love browsing their sites and highly recommend them all.

You can buy the simplehuman Cabinet Mount Trash System from CSN HERE.