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Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Posted by Robin . on Tuesday, February 1, 2011, In : For the Home 
Last year when I did my home makeover, one of the things that I left undone was my ceiling. It remains unfinished for several reasons, though I desperately want to redo the entire thing. Our ceilings are the old popcorn ceilings. While doing my renovations, I considered two options for my ceilings, neither very appealing. Either I can cover everything in my house and make a humongous mess to scrape all the popcorn off and then paint the whole area or install new ceiling. One is incredibly mes...
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Soap Soundz

Posted by Robin . on Saturday, October 16, 2010, In : For the Home 
As my kids get older, there are some things that I can trust them to do without me hovering over them. Washing their hands still isn't one of those things. They don't remember on their own to wash their hands and, when I tell them to do it, there is usually whining involved. For the last week, however, not only are they loving washing their hands, they are the ones remembering every time it's necessary and even times when it's not.

Why are my kids so enthusiastically washing their hands?

Soap ...
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Electrolux Versatility Vacuum Cleaner

Posted by Robin . on Wednesday, June 2, 2010, In : For the Home 
Cookie crumbs, popcorn kernel, Spiderman's head, scrap of paper, muddy footprints....No, it's not a scavenger hunt list. I'm sure that anyone that has ever been in a house that holds small children will recognize it as a list of just a few of the things that can be found on the floor.

As a homemaker and a mom, cleaning is always part of my day but, I don't want it to be my whole day. Cleaning the floors is just something that must be done. In the past, I've had to drag out the vacuum c...
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CSN simplehuman Cabinet Mount Trash System

Posted by Robin . on Thursday, May 13, 2010, In : For the Home 
I have a small kitchen. With limited space, everything I put in my kitchen comes with a lot of thought and pondering over where it will go, if it will fit and how much room I'll have left over.


Even my trash can.

I always had large trashcans in my kitchen before we lived here. Now, I just don't have the space. I've had to change to a smaller trashcan and hated the one I had because it had no lid and it still took up space in the bottom of my pantry.

When I came across the simplehum...
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JD Wolfe Pottery

Posted by Robin Haws on Wednesday, December 9, 2009, In : For the Home 
I'm fairly crafty but, one of the things I've always been amazed by and wished that I could do is create pottery. I'm astounded by the amount of talent it takes to create beautiful art and how much patience and creativity it must take to handmake these pieces. When I came across JD Wolfe Pottery I was blown away by the handmade pieces in the store and became an instant fan of the uber talented handiwork.

JD Wolfe Pottery is a store filled with handmade pottery. You'll find everything from cof...
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