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Udderly Smooth

Posted by Robin . on Saturday, November 13, 2010, In : For Mom 
I remember packing my bag for the hospital when my son was born six years ago. Like most women, I had certain things that I knew I didn't want to forget. One of the things that went into my bag, stayed on the bedside table in the hospital and was never very far from me during my post partum weeks was my Udderly Smooth lotion bottle.

It was during the middle of my first pregnancy that my skin got really dry and itchy. My mother handed me some lotion one day and I remember my first reaction was...
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Getting rid of stretch marks

Posted by Robin . on Wednesday, October 13, 2010, In : For Mom 
I'll go ahead and say it.

I have stretch marks.

I remember the first time I saw one on my upper thigh; I had just lost some size in my legs after leaving the high school dance team and was left with a few silvery lines. After having my children, I was left with more of those little lines. I know that I'm lucky in some aspects; I don't have any stretch marks on my stomach due to pregnancy but, still cringe when trying on swimsuits and see the stretch marks on my upper thighs.

Unfortunately, th...
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Oh Plah!

Posted by Robin . on Wednesday, June 23, 2010, In : For Mom 
Funny name? Maybe. Seriously cool? Definitely.

"Oh Plah!" is French for "Here you go!" but, for us moms it should translate as "Here's something really stylin' that your baby can't mess up!". The Oh Plah! bracelet from Roundhouse is my new fave in Mommy Accessories.

 I can remember so many times that I either had to surrender my jewelry to being played with by my kids or just forgo all the cute accessories because I didn't want them playing with the stuff. The Oh Plah! bracelet solves the probl...
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