I love Halloween decorations. My favorite kind are the decorations that I can leave sitting out all year. Even better than that are the decorations that remind us of our favorite movies!

Ametista is a shop on Etsy.com that specializes in adorable and delightfully spooky boxes and bottles. Their signature MoNsTeR bOxEs are uniquely handcrafted trinket boxes that each seem to have their own amazing personality. With big and small boxes of all different shapes and themes, you'll find an amazing trinket box for any gift or just to treat yourself.

The box that Ametista sent us was actually a custom made design. I told the awesome gals behind the designs of our love for the movie Nightmare Before Christmas. This is one of my son's favorite movies and one that our whole family enjoys year round. The box that arrived from Ametista was better than I ever could have imagined. The trinket box sits on curly striped legs and has a polymer clay Jack Skellington on it and glows in the dark. The quality is absolutely top notch. My husband, who is himself an artist and really into the details of products, was blown away by this box. Every inch is absolutely perfect and has painstaking details. I have been raving about this shop and, after having a product in my hand, will continue to be one of their biggest fans.

Aside from the boxes, you'll also find intricate apothecary bottles, jewelry, and other oddities including breathtaking fairy wish bottles. I am amazed at the Fairy Wish Bottles and think they would make wonderful gifts or even party favors. I can imagine the look on my daughter's face to get one of these bottles filled with glitter or other fairy magic. All of the items, including the whimsical salt and pepper shakers, are handmade. The two talented women behind the designs at Ametista have been creating jewelry and other items for quite some time. Their passion and dedication shows in every product I've seen while browsing their shop. The desire to create has spilled past the main shop and into three other unique Etsy shops that are filled to the brim with different goodies.

One of my favorite things about Ametista and their sundries is reading all the wonderful stories behind the creations. Every item has an imaginative and detailed story and it makes shopping so much more fun.

There are so many unique items to browse through at Ametista. I highly recommend this shop for spooky decor or different gifts for any time. Check them out for yourself!