at any point in your life...

could you be on a reality show?

I will say that at a certain point in my early twenties, before children and my lovely hubby, before responsibilities, before diaper changes and car seats, before hairbows and superheroes, before minivans and baby bottles, before caring about anything other than myself...

I probably would have l-o-v-e-d to be on The Real World. Or The Hills. I woulda torn those shows up, sister! I mean, the drama I could have caused would put Spencer Pratt to shame!

Nowadays, I am quite thankful I don't have documentation (other than a few pics I hold on to for posterity sake) of my wild days. I'm glad I won't ever have to explain why mommy was on mtv and "what's that big bottle in your hand with a picture of a pirate on it?". No. Denial of party days is much easier when it's not in syndication.

I do not think that there was ever a point where I would have participated in a show like The Bachelor. I do so love to watch those people make fools of themselves but, call me old fashioned, what ever happened to meeting someone while getting drunk in a bar? I'm just sayin'.

I also know I could never do a "family" reality show, a la Jon and Kate. First, I'm much to sane and lame for a good reality show. It would definitely get boring to see me on the computer, hubs on the couch and TRex and Snappy watching Care Bears for the thirtieth time in one day.

So, I suppose my reality show possible days are behind me.

You'll never see me on Hoarders. My house is pretty darn clean.

You'll never see me on Wife Swap. I'd never trade my amazing hubby for even one day!

You'll never see me on SuperNanny, no matter how much I may say I need it.

I'd never go on a game show. I don't do well under pressure.

I'm too old for American Idol. Um, yeah, I'm sticking with that for the reason, not that my audition would be a clip on the show of rejects.

The only reality show I can think of that I would still love to be on, just because it would mean hanging out with the family, is Run's House. Because Rev Run and his fam are absofreakin' hilarious! Oooh, or an innocent bystander on Cheaters! Good gosh that show is beyond a trainwreck!

So, what about you? Would you have ever at any point in your life (or even now) gone on a reality show?