UPDATE: The technical difficulties have been resolved and the coupon code at the bottom of this post is now working! Sorry about that! Now, get to shopping!

A fashionista, I am not. I try but, I'm generally confined to my nice little comfortable box. Lately, I'm trying really hard to incorporate at least some items in my wardrobe that make me feel like I'm a little more fashion conscious.

So, I'm window shopping online the other day (one of my favorite pastimes) and I came across a site I had never found before.

Have you ever been to Lulus.com? It's amazing! Sure, there's plenty of stuff that makes me go, "Woah, that's too fashionable for this lady!" but, there's still tons of supah cute stuff. Of course, now I have a big wishlist of stuff that I'm totally drooling over. Tell me what you think of all this.

I instantly showed my friend Joanna these shoes that I'm dyin' to get.....

I've been wearing skirts and dresses more this summer and am lovin' it! I am pretty positive that I could live in this dress.....

How much do you want to put these pants on right now and never take them off? Seriously, they just ooze comfiness.

So, I'm browsing the site the other day and then I'm browsing it again today and I realize that I didn't even notice the other day that they have a Vintage section. So cool. Then, I saw a bag called "Come and Knock On My Door". Well, I'd have to have it just for the name but, am in love with the retro look of this purse!

I have a hard time finding super cute hats in the wintertime that actually look good on me. It won't be cold here for 6 more months but, I'm thinking I have to have this hat.....

I was all excited from finding this site and loving so much of their stuff and that their prices are pretty darn reasonable. I emailed them and talked with one of their lovely ladies and, guess what!

She gave me a 15% off code to give to all my blog readers!

So, because I love y'all, here ya go!

Until July 23rd, enter the code LOLIDOTS for 15% off at Lulus.com!!!

I really want to know what you gals love and buy. How about, if you buy something from Lulu's, let me know and I'll do a little "Fashion Show" post with all of your purchases?! Supah fun? Heck yeah. Leave me a blog comment or drop me a line via email if you get something from Lulu's.

Happy Shopping! I'm off to drool over that dress some more.