My sweet friend, Mama M, is having a little shindig this week called Mother's Day Mania. For the rest of the week, over at My Little Life, it's all about Motherhood and celebrating the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly (you know, greasy hair, three day old mascara, undereye luggage and the rest of it!)


Today's theme is "Whoopsie Wednesday" where the "whoopsie" moments of Motherhood.

Ah, nothing like admitting that huge mistake to bring moms together! Really though, we've all got those moments that make us contenders for "Worst Mom Evah" and it's nice to commiserate.

When TRex was about one, I was running to our apartment door while holding him (it was raining) and I tripped. Very "Britney" of me. It wasn't too bad but, it was mortifying at the moment.

That's not my "Whoopsie" though.

I've got a whopper of a whoopsie. (Haha, ya like that?)

This happened recently.

I went into Snappy's room one evening with clean sheets for her bed. While in there I noticed a handheld mirror sitting on a table and saw that the mirror had been shattered. Not a shard of glass was missing. It was shattered but, still all in place.

I took the mirror and set it on a chair near the door so that I could take it with me when I left the room. Then I put the sheets on the bed, straightened up a bit and left the room.

Forgetting the mirror.

A little while later, I hear the word "blood" come out of TRex's mouth. I raced into Snappy's room and practically fainted when I saw her sitting there playing with the broken mirror. The mirror that I had forgotten when I left her room.

She was holding glass shards and had obviously been messing with them all. I don't know how she got so lucky but she only had two very small cuts on her fingers and wasn't even crying.

I got the fingers bandaged and the glass cleaned up but, being a "What might have happened" kind of mom, to this day I'm still freaking out about how terrible it could have been because of my huge "whoopsie". <shudder>

Alright, there you have it. My big "Whoopsie". And I still feel awful about it! I think the 7 years of bad luck are automatically transferred to me for being such a numnut and leaving the mirror in the room!

If you have a "Whoopsie" you are willing to share, head over to My Little Life and link up with Mama M and the rest of the gang for Mother's Day Mania!