It has occurred to me that I'm probably going to be talking about my kids a lot. I try to not be "one of those parents". You know, the ones who put their kids on the phone with you even when they are 5 months old and you have to sit there while your friend baby talks in the background and pretend that you don't have a million other things to be doing. Ok, so I'm not THAT bad. My kids are pretty funny and very crazy. I like to share their randomness and pop a few cute pics in there from time to time. If I get too over the top then you have my permission to cyber-slap me.

So, I felt it prudent to introduce them and share the stories of their nicknames.

My son has been through several nicknames, most of them self-chosen due to an inability to prounouce his own name. When he was 2, his love of dinosaurs began. Hubby started calling him TRex because of the obsession with all things dinosaur but the name soon stuck when it became apparent that he inherited my walking prowess. Look, I don't think I'm that loud but if hubby is right and TRex sounds like I do then... I need to walk quieter. Loud walking or not, TRex is the name that stuck. He does have some other fun nicknames given to him by family members including "Cool" and "Double L". And he recently told us who is allowed to call him those names. Crazy kid.

My daughter was our princess from the moment she was born. No nickname seemed good enough. We don't like to push it because we know that these things have a way of coming about on their own. One day, out of the blue, TRex called her "Snappy". And then again. We realized he was definitely calling her that on purpose and, while odd, we fell in love with it. She was, thereafter, "Snappy". A few weeks later TRex was looking at a 101 Dalmations book. He'd been watching the movie repeatedly for weeks but we'd finally remembered to return it to the video store so he was making do with the book. He made a sideways comment about the villains that I almost missed. When I realized what he was saying, I couldn't stop laughing. Apparently one villain says to the other "Come on. And make it snappy." Hmmm, to me that means "hurry up." But to a 4 year old TRex mind apparently it means that bad guy's name is Snappy. I guess he liked the name so much that he gave it to his sister. Nonetheless, almost a year later and we still call her Snappy.