Ah, this episode of Lost was a doozie and I'm still reeling from it BUT, I'm preempting Lostapalooza this week. No worries, Losties. Head over to THIS THREAD in S.I.F's Blog Frog forum and join our giddy talk about it!

In lieu of Lostapalooza, I thought I'd give you a little TRex action.

Snappy is the spotlight stealer these days.

But, my TRex is amazing.

He's so full of energy.

He's so full of love.

He's so full of creativity.

Never a dull moment with TRex.

Plus, he keeps our backyard totally safe from ninjas.

Apparently, ninjas are a problem in our area.

I wasn't aware that we lived in such a high traffic ninja hot spot.

And, it's not just the stick swinging, kicking and punching that ward off these particular ninjas.

The sound effects have a lot to do with it too.

No worries, though.

He practices those frickin' frackin' sassafrattin' sound effects ALL. THE. TIME.

We're safe in that department.

And, thanks to this lovely little boy super warrior, we're safe from ninjas for the time being.

My TRex.

The Ninja Warrior.

It's hard work.

But, somebody's gotta do it.