I have never entered my kids into a contest for their cuteness or anything like that. I think they are great and I'm always super jealous of the people who win but, I've never actually entered one. I'd hate for my unluckiness to rub off on my kids!

BUT, the costume that TRex wore this year for Halloween and this subsequent pic was just way too good to pass up the opportunity to enter him in the first contest that came along. I actually said to hubby "Man, he could have totally won a costume contest!".

Soooo, I entered this pic into a contest and now I'm panhandling for votes. Pretty please with sugar on top, will you lovely blog readers and friends go vote for him? You do have to quickly sign up but, it's fast and easy and painless and then you can vote.


Need more incentive? I'm giving 10 extra entries in the Namaste Inc. Handbag Giveaway for everyone who votes and then comments on this post that they did so! (Follow the link to vote and to comment here you have to click the title of the post and scroll down to the bottom)

Thanks to everyone who has already voted and to those who still might!