We interrupt our regularly scheduled summer fun....

Because we have an invader among us.

A nasty, unwanted, unwelcome guest.

That has turned their smiling faces into grimaces.

That's right.

It's Pukefest 2010.

Snappy started it. 6:30 this morning.

I do not do 6:30 well.

I do not do puke well.

I do not do messes well. Especially continuous messes.

TRex followed suit a couple of hours later. All aboard the puke train!

There were moments I thought I was joining them. I really hate to puke. And, I have this thing where when someone is sick near me or talks about being sick, I immediately feel like I am. I'm holding out hope that the nausea I've had today is sympathy pains or my slight hypochondria. So far, I am puke-free. (knock on wood)

Days like today make me certain I'd like to get rid of every inch of carpet in my house. Really, concrete floors with drains in the middle of the room so that I can just hose it all off would be ideal.

I sure hope these sweeties get over it quickly. There's much fun to be had and it sucks to be stuck inside.